Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Go" -- gosh I love the Newsboys!!

As I was leaving to run up to Hobby Lobby yesterday (on the way to picking Aidan up from school), I decided to check my mailbox, and lo and behold, there was the Newsboys new CD, "Go", in my mailbox a day before it was to hit the streets! And it is AWESOME!!! Actually, I don't think a word has been invented that fully describes how cool, crash hot, utterly fabulous this album is. Their worship albums were good, but I am SO glad they're back to good ol' rock-n-roll (with some techno and pop mixed in). And the DVD that came with it is so good! There are little vignettes on there about the hometowns of each of the guys (well, Paul didn't get his hometown one done, but his bit is really funny), and it was so cool to see where they'd all grown up and to "meet" their parents. Especially Phil ... oh, sorry, gotta wipe that drool off my keyboard ;-)

So today I have a dilemma -- do I play with stamps, or do I watch the DVD again? Of course, obviously I have great new music to stamp by, but I'm torn as to how to best spend my time ...

Actually, I got a couple of great stamps at HL -- they had some of them on sale, so I couldn't resist that. One of them is a picture of a carpenter hammering something, and next to him on the floor is his little son playing with some wonking big nails, and the shadow the boy casts is a cross. The shadow is a bit cheesy, but I loved the whole idea about Jesus playing with these nails and then, of course, thirty years later similar nails would play a rather important role in His life. And then I got a much more lighthearted one with this cartoonish lady on it saying "Listen, honey, God never said it would be easy -- He only said it would be worth it." Boy, do I need to remember that every single day! I also got a couple of collage-element type stamps (postmarks, etc.) So I'm dying to go up and play with them, but then I kinda hear Phil Joel calling my name to come watch the DVD again ...

I'm hopeless!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Finally Finished!

Got the Minister Appreciation cards finished!! Here they are:

It didn't take me as long as I thought, and I had so much fun doing them! They do so much for our church, so I'm glad to have an "excuse" to thank them with my handmade cards!

The first one, the Pastor's, uses the "Cracked Glass" technique. Second one, the Worship Minister's, is Joseph's Coat (dude likes black); Third, the Associate Pastor's, is a Brayered Madras, and last, the Youth Minister's, uses the Frog In a Blender technique (that name grosses me out!)

I spent hours tonight scanning my tons of "new" cards, and hope to get them uploaded to SplitcoastStampers soon.

Thanks for taking a look! And I apologize for the weirdly wrapped text -- I'm having a little trouble figuring the picture posting out! (Thank goodness I'm married to a computer whiz ... unfortunately, he happens to be in bed right now!)

Oh, gosh, just mention bringing cards ...

Tomorrow we're having a special "Ministry Appreciation" luncheon after church, and we've been asked to bring cards to put secretly in baskets for each of our staff members. Well, since these guys are pretty special, do you think for a minute I could BUY the cards? Or even "just" use some I'd already made? Heavens, no.

So I've got just a few hours to make four cards. And, of course, I'm not going to just run up to the craft loft and crank out some "simple" cards. I've got to meet this self-imposed challenge of using TECHNIQUES! Goodness, "simple" cards would be just as appreciated, but at this moment in time, I have some kind of creative compulsion to spend two hours on every card I make. Oh, well. I will admit it's a blast.

So I just made a "cracked glass" card -- can't decide yet if it's for the pastor or the youth minister. I'll decide that later, I guess. I already know I'm doing a Joseph's Coat technique for the worship minister who I work with every week on the Praise Team. He's pretty hip (I mean, the guy has a pierced eyebrow and paints his toenails black), so I thought I'd use the "Think Big" SU set, have it say (obviously) "big THANKS" with little asterisks scattered around. I've got the glossy cardstock brayered, and it's sitting up there drying. I have learned the hard way you have to be darned sure your glossy cardstock is THOROUGHLY dry after brayering it with Spectrum Ink before doing the embossing step. I ended up throwing out a whole half-sheet of glossy when the embossing powder stuck to the entire thing, instead of just the Versamarked images. I hate wasting glossy cardstock.

Anyway, then I have to come up with two more cards (pastor-or-youth-minister and the associate pastor), and I have to do it all before bedtime. Thank heavens for going off Daylight Savings tonight! I'll have a whole extra hour! Plus Bjorn and Aidan are driving down to an out-of-town 8th grade football game (Aidan is a manager) tonight, so I won't have to feel guilty about holing up in the craft loft!

I love making cards! I'll bet Bjorn and Aidan just wish I loved cleaning house and making dinner half as much!!

Onward to the craft loft!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome to my Stamp--n-Scrap Loft!

I have resisted this blogging thing for awhile now. I really didn't think anyone cared to know the gory details of my life! I did try one awhile back, but got bored with it, for the reason I just stated. But, I don't know, something in me is attracted to the idea of talking about two of my favorite three hobbies (rubber stamping, scrapbooking and writing), so I thought, what the heck, let's give it a go! And, actually, I guess I get to include my third hobby, because I will be writing this blog ...

A quick back-history of my stamping and scrapping hobbies: I first saw a demonstration of "scrapbooking" back when my son Aidan (who is now 13) was about a year old, so that would've been 1994-ish. I hated it. I thought it was somehow sacriligious to actually cut photographs. Plus the whole idea of cutting them in circles and stars and then sticking silly stickers on the page and doing goofy lettering really turned me off. I swore I would never do something that lame. (And I was quite self-righteous about it, too! lol)

Fast-forward to 1998. Through the company my husband Bjorn worked for, we had an opportunity of a lifetime to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and stay free at a very nice resort (the Westin Regina). We even got a food-and-spending allowance! It was a fun, fantastic trip, and we even took Aidan, who was still four when we went. I took tons of pictures, of course. And when I got home, I don't even remember why, but I found myself somewhat interested in scrapbooking the pictures. (I probably saw a scrapping magazine.) So, I bought my first patterned papers (a cheesy vacation themed kit), some decorative scissors, a few markers and a Zig Two-Way Glue pen, and I was off and running. I LOVED it!! Of course, I cringe in horror now when I go back and look at that first scrapbook, but I try to remind myself that it was the equivalent of a child first learning to write. Anyway, I was hooked, and this spelled doom for our budget!

Sometime after that I discovered rubber stamps. Again, I don't remember the details, because I'm sure I innocently blundered into this world, but, again, I was hooked!

I'm not incredibly consistent in my scrapping. I've completed only five albums, but this summer I took Stacy Julian's "Big Picture: Library of Memories" class online, and it has completely revolutionized the way I look at scrapping. I'm sure more of this will come out as I blog, so I won't write an entire book about it right now. But it has freed me from the tyranny of the chronological album (not that I ever did those -- most of mine have been vacation albums), and lifted the burden of "caught up". Stacy J hates "caught up", and has tossed that whole notion aside. THANK YOU, STACY!! (Gotta love that we have the same first name!)

In July 2005 I signed up to become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. They are far and away my favorite stampin' stuff company. I do use other companies' products, too, but SU is first in my heart. (Club Stamp would have to be next.)

In January of this year I signed up for Pat Huntoon's "Technique Junkies" newsletter. It is FULL of awesome techniques that take cards out of the realm of "basic blah" into "amazingly fantastic!" But I didn't really try any of the techniques until last month -- and I am so hooked! Once again my world has been revolutionized, and I am no longer stamping-blocked when I go into my craft loft and sit down. I've been cranking out cards like mad! I highly suggest you check out her website -- www.patstamps.com -- and seriously consider subscribing to the newsletter. It rocks!

Another website I highly recommend is www.splitcoaststampers.com -- it's dedicated to Stampin' Up! products, and has the most amazing gallery of member-made "stuff" imaginable. They also have a huge section of techniques, so between SCS and Technique Junkies, you can't lose. Bookmark them now!

Enough for now. I'll try not to be so long-winded in future, but I am a writer at heart, so please bear with me!