Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Go" -- gosh I love the Newsboys!!

As I was leaving to run up to Hobby Lobby yesterday (on the way to picking Aidan up from school), I decided to check my mailbox, and lo and behold, there was the Newsboys new CD, "Go", in my mailbox a day before it was to hit the streets! And it is AWESOME!!! Actually, I don't think a word has been invented that fully describes how cool, crash hot, utterly fabulous this album is. Their worship albums were good, but I am SO glad they're back to good ol' rock-n-roll (with some techno and pop mixed in). And the DVD that came with it is so good! There are little vignettes on there about the hometowns of each of the guys (well, Paul didn't get his hometown one done, but his bit is really funny), and it was so cool to see where they'd all grown up and to "meet" their parents. Especially Phil ... oh, sorry, gotta wipe that drool off my keyboard ;-)

So today I have a dilemma -- do I play with stamps, or do I watch the DVD again? Of course, obviously I have great new music to stamp by, but I'm torn as to how to best spend my time ...

Actually, I got a couple of great stamps at HL -- they had some of them on sale, so I couldn't resist that. One of them is a picture of a carpenter hammering something, and next to him on the floor is his little son playing with some wonking big nails, and the shadow the boy casts is a cross. The shadow is a bit cheesy, but I loved the whole idea about Jesus playing with these nails and then, of course, thirty years later similar nails would play a rather important role in His life. And then I got a much more lighthearted one with this cartoonish lady on it saying "Listen, honey, God never said it would be easy -- He only said it would be worth it." Boy, do I need to remember that every single day! I also got a couple of collage-element type stamps (postmarks, etc.) So I'm dying to go up and play with them, but then I kinda hear Phil Joel calling my name to come watch the DVD again ...

I'm hopeless!

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