Saturday, October 28, 2006

Oh, gosh, just mention bringing cards ...

Tomorrow we're having a special "Ministry Appreciation" luncheon after church, and we've been asked to bring cards to put secretly in baskets for each of our staff members. Well, since these guys are pretty special, do you think for a minute I could BUY the cards? Or even "just" use some I'd already made? Heavens, no.

So I've got just a few hours to make four cards. And, of course, I'm not going to just run up to the craft loft and crank out some "simple" cards. I've got to meet this self-imposed challenge of using TECHNIQUES! Goodness, "simple" cards would be just as appreciated, but at this moment in time, I have some kind of creative compulsion to spend two hours on every card I make. Oh, well. I will admit it's a blast.

So I just made a "cracked glass" card -- can't decide yet if it's for the pastor or the youth minister. I'll decide that later, I guess. I already know I'm doing a Joseph's Coat technique for the worship minister who I work with every week on the Praise Team. He's pretty hip (I mean, the guy has a pierced eyebrow and paints his toenails black), so I thought I'd use the "Think Big" SU set, have it say (obviously) "big THANKS" with little asterisks scattered around. I've got the glossy cardstock brayered, and it's sitting up there drying. I have learned the hard way you have to be darned sure your glossy cardstock is THOROUGHLY dry after brayering it with Spectrum Ink before doing the embossing step. I ended up throwing out a whole half-sheet of glossy when the embossing powder stuck to the entire thing, instead of just the Versamarked images. I hate wasting glossy cardstock.

Anyway, then I have to come up with two more cards (pastor-or-youth-minister and the associate pastor), and I have to do it all before bedtime. Thank heavens for going off Daylight Savings tonight! I'll have a whole extra hour! Plus Bjorn and Aidan are driving down to an out-of-town 8th grade football game (Aidan is a manager) tonight, so I won't have to feel guilty about holing up in the craft loft!

I love making cards! I'll bet Bjorn and Aidan just wish I loved cleaning house and making dinner half as much!!

Onward to the craft loft!!

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