Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Attack of the Craft Supplies

Okay, I went into my craft loft this morning (the real one) and was very nearly attacked by the piles of supplies that have completely taken over the place. Yes, I have tons of storage "stuff" -- plastic drawer units, cabinets, cubbies, pegboard hanging above my desk, etc., etc., etc. But I think I've finally hit the place where I have "too many" things! (Gasp! -- that was really hard to say!) However, I'm not inclined to get rid of any of it at this stage, so what I really need is an Extreme Loft Makeover. Seriously. I actually looked at the HGTV website to see if my loft would qualify for anything in the way of a free makeover, but the only show it would have worked for (Design on a Dime) only goes to homes in the LA or Chicago areas. Now, how unfair is that? I think they should go on the road ... and start with my loft! Honestly, I wouldn't mind getting rid of the nasty orange shag from the 70s, and the orange velvety wallpaper stuff.

I am overwhelmed with it all. Anybody know any shows or magazines that would do this for me for free? I'm desperate, but poor!

Okay, enough whining. I'm hoping to take a little jaunt (okay, an hour drive) to our new "local" IKEA today! (Of course, I won't be able to go if I don't get my rear into the shower and get presentable for the day!) I want to see what kinds of Scandinavian Christmas ornaments they have. My in-laws have the neatest ornaments that they put on the tree every year -- ornaments that actually came from Norway. But with IKEA in town (Swedish, but close enough where Christmas decorations are concerned), I may be able to finally get some for my own tree! Plus I want to check out their storage stuff.

My birthday is next Monday, and I have asked for nothing but money (some of which I have spent in advance, lol). Now I'm torn between buying a whole bunch of SU sets that I'm wanting, or trying to get my loft into shape. It's a real inspiration killer in there right now. Maybe if I ask for money for Christmas, too, I can do both! That would be awesome.

Okay, short one today, but IKEA calls, and I must answer. If I get anything really good, I'll post a piccy here, as well as maybe taking pictures of my loft and showing you why "overwhelmed" may not even be the most accurate word!

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