Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Boy, do I need a new paper cutter!!!

Got my SAS supplies from SU today. Which means that now I'm responsible for chopping the paper all up into the appropriate bits for the cards. And I calculated one of my card bases wrong (since the sample I'd made was only a card front, I goofed and didn't double the long side!), so I'm short by 15 pages of 12x12 Real Red cardstock. I'm hoping my upline might have some (it has to be 12x12), but if not, guess I'll have to go buy some inferior cardstock somewhere and apologize profusely to my customers. I have lots of pages of red cardstock, but the shades vary widely and they're all so flimsy! *SIGH* Stupid ADD.

But I AM thankful that the box got here today, because I'll have more time for cutting. I've already got all the cardstock for one of the cards cut (we're doing four different cards), and part of another. But I'm realizing that my X-Acto 12x12 guillotine cutter has seen better days. The blade arm won't stay up all the way when I'm putting the paper in, so I have to hold it up with my mouth or my chin! You should see me, it's pretty funny. If I do any more of these SAS's or any Stamp Clubs, I'm definitely going to invest in the new guillotine-type cutter in the SU catalog. My upline says it's awesome for things like this. It's just a bit expensive, so maybe I can get it for my birthday.

I ordered some stamps from New Zealand a couple of weeks ago and they got here on Monday. They're from Kiwi-Impressionz ( -- for some reason I can't get this to make a link!) I'm dying to go play with them! They should be good for collage, so I'm wanting to use "Vada's Gesso Resist" on them, especially since I finally got the proper inks for it. One of the stamps is a stylized (Maori-looking design) kiwi bird, one is a fern leaf (a symbol of New Zealand), and the third is a stamp of their five-dollar bill (smaller than the real thing, of course, and without the back side, so I can't counterfeit any NZ dollars, darn it! ;-) ). I've got an interest in New Zealand (in case you couldn't see that!), so thought it would be fun. One of the ladies in the Technique Junkies "1-on-1" RAK group is from NZ, and she sent me a card with a stamp on the back that was the outline of NZ, and that got me interested in finding more Kiwi stamps.

Okay, nuff of that story. If I ever get around to stamping with them, I'll post the cards here.

Speaking of cards, I'll show you a couple I've made recently:

I did this one using the Lumiere Cream technique (TJ). Basically you swirl some Lumiere paint into shaving cream, then lay dark cardstock over it, pull it up, let it set for about 30 seconds, then scrape the shaving cream off. It looks so cool, and it smells good, too! You can't really tell from the scan, but it's got a bit of shimmer to it. This was my husband's "spiritual birthday" card.

This one I just made for fun, because I had gotten a mini-envelope template and wanted to play with it. I think it was the SU one, but I won't swear because I have another couple of envelope templates. For some reason the colors came out all weird in the scan -- they're much brighter and prettier IRL. (The green isn't gross like it looks here! lol) All the supplies are SU.

So, hope you enjoyed those! Off to bed ... I've got a LOT of cutting to do tomorrow!

Grace & peace, everyone!

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