Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's that time of year again ...

... for sinus infections. Actually, I've had a "repeat" infection since mid-summer, but it's flaring up again. And we're heading into Cedar Fever season here in Central Texas. Good thing I've got a VERY understanding "doctor" (she's a physician's assistant) who understands the value of antibiotics (and compassion).

I've been thinking about finding some clever way to display cards I make that I'm particularly proud of, as well as the beautiful RAKs that I've received so far from the Technique Junkies 1-on-1 group. And I think I have the perfect solution. It's here:

It's called a "Photofall Desktop Photo Holder" made by Umbra. They have a floor version that's more expensive (like, $60), but this one is $21 at this website: http://www.revdesign.biz/servlet/the-461/Fotofalls-Photofall-Desktop-Photo/Detail (You'll have to cut and paste that; for some reason I can't get the link function to work). I can't afford it this week, maybe not next (since we'll be in San Diego and I'll be wanting to spend my money on rubber stamps from the Coronado Island Designs & Stamps company), but this will be in my living room very soon!

I don't know how I'll survive in San Diego without my crafting stuff, but it's just too darned hard to carry all that on a plane these days. And, anyway, I've never been one to go to crops or do any scrapping away from home (and very little stamping) because I never know what to take. Rarely do I have designs in mind ahead of time, so I'd end up without something vital. So, guess I'll go and hope the week off will give me a clearer head for even better stuff!

So, about these Coronado Island stamps -- they have stamps of all kinds, but I'm really interested in the "local flavor" ones. They have stamps of the Star of India and the Californian ships (which we LOVE), as well as Old Point Loma lighthouse. We've been to the lighthouse once, and to the ships at least four times (a couple of years ago we got to see the ship -- originally the Rose -- that was used as the sailing ship in Master and Commander. That was so ultimate cool! Plus we got to take a sail out on the Bay in Californian, which was so awesome!) So, partly because we have so many photos of these beloved landmarks (can you call a ship a "land"mark??), and partly just because we're ship/lighthouse kinda people, the investment in these will be well worth it. OH! Plus they have a large bottle stamp that, combined with one of the ship stamps, would make a perfect "ship in a bottle" image! Hopefully we'll get to go to the store that sells these, but if not, I will definitely be ordering them online when we get home!

Well, Aidan is reading Eldest, the sequel to the dragon novel Eragon (it's close to 600 pages and, if he finishes tonight, as he probably will, he will have read it in a little more than a day -- from 4pm yesterday until bedtime tonight. And he even slept and went to school during that time! Must be a good book!) Anyway, maybe I'll run up and play in the craft loft a bit. So, off I go ...

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