Friday, November 03, 2006

Okay, deep breaths, deep, cleansing breaths ...

I'm trying not to panic. I put in my SAS supply order with SU on Wednesday, thinking that would give me, if not plenty of time to get it, at least a reasonable time frame. And I get the e-mail TODAY saying they've JUST shipped it! Gaaaaaa! That means that, if all goes well, I probably won't get it until next Thursday or Friday. The SAS is that SATURDAY!! Of course, I won't know for sure until tomorrow, because I can't start tracking it until then. And I'm trying to suss whether or not the shipping time includes weekends or not. I know UPS doesn't deliver on weekends, but there's nothing to keep them from driving on weekends ... Can you say "poor planning"? I knew you could. Further updates as conditions warrant.

Bjorn and Aidan are going kayaking on the San Marcos river with friends tomorrow. It's gonna be cold in the morning, and Aidan doesn't have any kind of clothes for such an excursion. So guess who gets to go to REI today (which is a jillion miles away from my house) and try to find him something acceptable? Yup -- Mom. Because Pop (Bjorn -- it's short for Papa) has to work, of course. And Aidan's 8th grade football team has one last game today after school, so I can't even take him with me to try things on. I looked up the REI clothing chart while ago, and Aidan is smack-dab in between "Kids" sizes (which he absolutely loathes wearing) and "Men's". Aidan's waist is between a 27 and 28. The Men's sizes start at 30. And in Kids sizes, his waist is a 16, and his inseam is more like a 20. Tall and thin. So who knows what I'll end up with, if anything at all. Oh, well, at least he's not fat.

Speaking of fat ... I've been consistently derailing my diet over the last week, and I really, really need to get my act back together and start counting those calories again. That's the only thing that works for me. I've tried all kinds of programs, some good, some not so good, but in the end it all boils down to calories in vs. calories burned, so I just do better at the counting thing. Plus I need to try to get back to the gym, just take things SLOWLY this time so I don't end up making myself sick again.

But enough whining! It's a beautiful day, gorgeous temps today (gonna be in the mid-60s, which I LOVE), so I will just think of that while I'm out driving to the grocery store and REI. Plus, heck, I'll be in my RAV4 (my adorable "baby" car!) and listening to the Newsboys, so it's all good!

Since you made it through that novella of a post, I'll reward you (at least I think it's a reward?) with another of my Newsboys Concert/Meet-n-Greet layouts. Lucky you! ;-) It's a two-pager, but since sizing it small enough to make both pages fit on the same "line" would render it difficult to view properly, it's on two lines. "We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause," as they often say in Britain. It's pictures of Phil Joel (fancy that!), and the strip across the middle is actually frames from a video of him I took with my little digi camera. I used QuickTime Pro to extract them from the video, then framed them with a negative-strip frame I downloaded from somewhere (took forever!) and printed them out on a transparency so it would look like a real strip of movie-film. Well, sorta, anyway. So, enjoy!

Oh, and PLEASE feel free to leave comments in my blog!! In fact, I encourage you to. You don't have to be a member of Blogger to do so, and I'd really appreciate the feedback and, well, just general remarks.

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