Friday, November 03, 2006


Wow. Sometimes things happen that just put everything into perspective. So, here I am panicking about my SAS next week, when today a woman was carjacked near my son's school and shot in the chest. And come to find out, she's the Director and interim Headmaster of my son's school! She's alive, in "serious but stable" condition, and the doctors are optimistic about how well the operation they did on her went. So we're all praying for her, of course, and I am so thankful that the only big thing I'm having to be concerned about tonight is whether or not my SU supplies will arrive in time for the SAS.

Kinda makes ya think.

A cool thing was that there was a "passerby" at the scene who "just happened" to be a trained paramedic. He was able to plug the exit wound while they waited for the EMTs to arrive. Did I say a "cool thing"? What I really meant was, it was a GOD thing.

Scary thing is that not so far away, the Middle Schoolers at my son's school were playing their yearly "blue-white" game, and there were tons of folks there watching. (I wasn't ... he doesn't play, so I don't always go watch.) After it was over and I was picking Aidan up, he jumped into the car really quickly and said, "Mom, let's get out of here fast." And I, thinking some kid had threatened him or something, said, "Oh? And why do we need to go fast?" He said, "I don't want to have to tell you. Just go, now." Well, being the stubborn (and curious) person that I am, I said, "Okay, but I still want you to tell me what's going on." So that's when he told me the coach had told them there was a carjacker in the area and we should all leave as quickly as possible. Yeah, we left pretty quickly! Of course, at the time I had no idea it was the Director of his school.

Anyway, I'm rambling, but that really shook me up! I'm glad we have a faithful God to count on.

Hug somebody you love tonight (or today, whenever you read this), ay?

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