Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What a headache!!

Literally and figuratively. I spent a good chunk of yesterday and today creating the sample cards for my Stamp-a-Stack on the 11th, and then figuring out how to cut the pieces needed for the stampers to get the most out of each piece of cardstock, which totally did not help the headache I had. I only have three people signed up for sure (one is doing two batches), but I figured I'd make three extra sets in case someone "didn't realize" or "forgot" that they were supposed to respond by today! (And, yes, I called the non-responders on my list yesterday, but most weren't home, two were definite "no" answers -- seems I'm conflicting with a chili cookoff and a church children's workers meeting -- and two "maybe" answers. And I'm too much of a weenie to say, "Hey, gotta know by November 1 or you can't come!") So I actually hope at least one extra person will decide to come. I've already ordered the supplies ... my husband will kill me when he sees how much the total came to! I'm definitely losing money on this ... I'll have to figure things out better for future classes. *SIGH*

Anyway -- I'm actually supposed to be writing a novel today. Well, starting today. A friend of mine talked me into doing National Novel Writing Month, where you try to write a whole novel (or at least get 50,000 words) between Nov. 1 and Nov. 30. Most of the NaNoWriMo people, as we are called, started at midnight last night, but I needed sleep, and then had to spend today doing the SAS supply figuring and ordering. And then I wanted to come here and update things. And my head still hurts. Okay, I'm whining now! lol

So, off to write a dream-sequence "novel" with Phil and the rest of the Newsboys, a riff in the space-time continuum and pirates. Hey, if I'm gonna do this every day for a month, I'm gonna have some fun!! I just hope I can figure out what the first sentence is going to be! That's always the hardest part, for some reason. That and ending it. I'm kinda like the Monty Python bunch about endings ... not real good at 'em.

I'll sign off with a picture of one of my "Got to Meet the Newsboys" scrapbook LOs. I'm being INCREDIBLY brave to post this one, because I HATE the way I look in these pictures. I'm not sure what on earth possessed me to ever wear glasses -- and trust me, after these pictures came back, it was diet and contact lenses all the way (I've lost 20 pounds, BTW!) At least Aidan looks good. Anyway, here it is ...

Just for fun -- I scanned Phil's autograph from the original (in my Breakfast Club Passport -- BC is the Newsboys fanclub), then printed it on a transparency to put on the page. There's also a ton of journaling behind the big picture (notice how it hinges on top).

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