Saturday, December 16, 2006

My, how time flies!!!

I have been incredibly remiss in keeping up with this blog lately! Of course, I've also been terribly busy, so that would probably explain things. Busy with what, I probably couldn't sit down and catalog, but I HAVE been working like a madwoman on a project for my neice for Christmas these last few days. I was just about to tell what it is, but I recently sent her an e-mail with my siggy on the bottom, and she might look in here ... what the heck -- Kenni, if you're reading this, then DON'T read the blog entry (hopefully the next one) entitled "Kenni's Christmas Present". It will show bits of what I'm making you.

So, I can't reveal what the gift is right now, but I will post some pictures of it once I'm finished. I have been fighting a killer hormone migraine the last two days, and I DON'T HAVE TIME for it!!!

I'm also going to attempt to make a 6x6 desk calendar (the Stampin' Up! kind) for my husband for Christmas. Am I crazy or what? Just decided to make these things (as well as a "childhood memories" sort of "memoir" thing for my brother) in the last two weeks, so I will continue to work like a madwoman until Christmas!

Obviously, I should be doing that instead of posting here, so off I go. Back much sooner next time (I hope!!)

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