Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ah, the bliss of inky fingers!!

I had ALL DAY to play today! Well, most of it. Aidan had three basketball games after school (have I mentioned that he's the manager for the Middle School teams?), and Bjorn offered to pick him up after work, so I had until 8:30 this evening to hang out in my craft loft! I did take a couple of hours out to run by Mom and Dad's for lunch and to show off some of my latest cards (and the domino necklace I made! -- well, okay, I have the domino painted, but don't have the actual necklace made yet), took time out to watch a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode at dinner, and did a LITTLE housework. Oh, yeah, and took a shower. But I had fun in that craft loft!

I finished a Mono-Mosaic design I had started last night. Since I got a late start, I went to Mom and Dad's after that, then came back and had my new TJ Newsletter in the mail!! Which was convenient because I needed to make a sympathy card for my upline, who just lost her stepfather of 40 years, so, of course, I had to run up to the loft and try stuff out. I didn't get much past the Watercolor Distress background technique -- it is SO easy and SO much fun (and SO messy! lol). After I made the Pretty-in-Pink and Mellow Moss BGs for her sympathy card and the other three copies of it (using SU Classic inks instead of the Distress Inks it called for, since she is my upline!) I had to keep playing. I got some AWESOME Faded Denim and Tattered Rose (Distress Inks this time) backgrounds. I did each 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" piece separately, instead of doing a whole sheet at once like I often do. And the pieces each look like the blue is a splashing, swirling ocean, and the pink is a sunrise sky. There's alot of motion in the pieces, just from smooshing things around and playing a little. They kinda reminded me of some Chinese/Japanese (sorry, not sure which) art I've seen where there's a big curling wave with foam in the picture. So I don't know what I'll use them for -- I hate to put anything over them! Maybe if I found some kind of Chinese/Japanese writing like they always have on the side of their art, that might work.

Anyway, I made TONS of those backgrounds -- four of each color combination, including Tea Dye and Faded Denim (really cool orangy-brown and blue, which reminded me somehow of Old World maps from centuries ago), then back to SU inks with Only Orange, YoYo Yellow and Glorious Green for a citrusy look (had some stamps in mind for that), and then I got really wild messing around with Alcohol Ink reinkers trying to do the same thing with glossy paper. Got some very mysterious looking purply-pinky bits. Don't know what I'll use them for, but they reminded me of the witchy scenes in Sleeping Beauty whenever Maleficent was around. (My brother and I used to pretend that stuff long, long years ago.) And I stamped some orange/grapefruit/lime slices on the citrusy backgrounds, and finished all four of the sympathy cards. I've been BUSY, and I could have kept going, except the guys finally got home and I thought I needed to be attentive. I don't know why, really, at least with The Teenager. He's been having some Teenage Moments lately, which have left me feeling hurt and pretty much pushed aside. I know he needs to do that -- can't have a Mama's boy on my hands! -- but I do admit I miss the days when I was the Best Mom in the Whole World, and pretty much the center of his universe. *SIGH* Now I'm lucky to be on the radar. Oh, well. Guess I'll look on the bright side -- at least I have more time to stamp these days!

I wrote a book. Sorry! Here are a couple of scans of my latest:

This is my Michaelangelo MonoMosaic. The colors are really Elegant Eggplant and So Saffron, but nothing I could do in my graphics program could get them right. Stamps are SU and a very old one from Postmodern Design that I got years ago.

This one is "Faux Stippling" -- I think that's the name. It's my return to Things Celtic in stamping (did tons of that years ago when I scrapped our trip to Ireland in 2000). The verse is a portion of a poem called "St. Patrick's Breastplate". I have a CD by an Irish group called Iona (sort-of Christian Celtic meets Pink Floyd -- yeah, I could explain but it would take awhile!), and they have a song with these lyrics and it is an AWESOME song! Thus the inspiration. Stamps are: Scottish Heritage (the cross), and Catholic Rubber Stamps (I'm not Catholic, but they've got some great stuff).

This is the sympathy card for my upline. The colors just didn't turn out well in the scan -- it is much prettier in person. All stamps (of course!) are SU.

Okay, if you've stayed with me this long, let me know and I'll send you a RAK!! (Well, the first five people, if there are that many!) I bet I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight! (Tamp, tamp, tamp, STAMP; smoosh, splat, twist, STAMP ...)


Lynn said...

I am still here!!! lol I enjoy reading your blog.

Stacy said...

Hi, Lynn! If you want me to send you a RAK, just e-mail me your address (stamps@aannestad.com)

Glad you enjoy reading it!

Ret said...

Hi Stacy, I'm Ret from TJ's and I'm new to your blog. I just wanted to say, I love it!! You write wonderfully and it's fun to hear what you're making. I enjoyed reading it and I'll be back!

grannyblue said...

How do you find the time to stamp & write too! I really enjoyed your blog. I felt like I was sitting down & having a cup of tea with you. Exp. liked the very last card. Joan Buckley

grannyblue said...

P.S. Agn from Joan Buckley----forgot to mention my Grandmother's namy was Stacy. J