Saturday, January 27, 2007

Better late than never

Okay, yes, it was a few days ago that I promised to post some of the new cards I've made. So, even though I am UTTERLY exhausted from the stamping class I gave today (all about embossing), most especially from the preparation and house cleaning, I will follow through on my promise!

Actually, giving the class was fun. I didn't get any orders (yet -- got two promises of orders, and yes, I know, don't let 'em get away, but I'm not that good at reining them in), but everyone had a good time (all three of them!), and I felt like I did a good job of teaching. After the Christmas Stamp-a-Stack debacle (I went too fast, confused a couple of people and probably scared them off), I was worried. But this time I took everything very slowly, we did each step all together, and they came out with four cards they really loved. Did basic embossing, Dazzling Diamond Dust and Joseph's Coat, with great success!! And I did get ten dollars apiece from them, so that defrays about a third of my supply cost for the class. Hopefully next class I'll get lots more people and will be able to defray the WHOLE cost of supplies!

So, here are the cards, as promised:

This one is the "Rainbow Bleach" technique, and I used another of those photo stamps I got from ArtChix Studios. Basically with Rainbow Bleach, you just bleach stamp your background images on black, then brayer ink from a Rainbow/Spectrum pad over that. I used my home-made rainbow pad (bought the empty one from SU, filled it with the colors of my choice and named it "Piha Breezes" after Piha Beach near Auckland, New Zealand (Phil Joel's favorite place on earth, reportedly). The colors are fairly soft and light (tropical but with a light touch), so it turned out to be perfect for this card.

This one uses the "Mulberry Batik" technique with the "Polka Dots and Paisley" stamp set from SU. It will be coming out in the Spring Mini, but demonstrators got the set free as a Christmas gift from Shelli Gardner (president of SU). I LOVE the way this turned out! And, of course, in "real life" it is much nicer. The background (on the purple) was supposed to be the "Faux Webbing" technique, but I was a little heavy-handed with it, so it really looks a bit like faux leather! The "dream" stamp is also SU, from a different set.

One more:

This is the "Colored Crystal" technique, which is another bleaching technique. (I stayed in my pj's one morning and did several bleach techniques -- wouldn't matter if I accidentally got bleach on my purple plaid flannels! lol) I'm too tired to remember all the details, but I think you brayer or somehow get your inks onto the cardstock (not glossy), then use Crystal Effects to cover the images, and then use a paper towel that's been dipped (lightly!) in bleach to remove some of the color. It turned out to be a pretty cool technique, although the first one of these cards I did (remember, I almost always do four of each design) was a little more bleached out than I really wanted!

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking at these. They will be sent out as RAKs one of these days. I have more to post later on, including another (different) try at my princesses. I've really developed a love for medieval-looking stamps these days, because I've always loved medieval stuff (thanks to my brother!), so I've got the princesses and a castle to show off a little later.

Until then ... keep those fingers inky!!


Allison said...

These are lovely but I especially like the last one...I had never heard of that technique...TFS!

Lynn said...

Beautiful cards!! Is Technique Junkie a website group? If so, would lovee to know how to get there.

Stacy said...

Thank you both!

Technique Junkies is a bi-monthly subscription hard-copy newsletter with a corresponding Yahoo group. It's $18/year, and I HIGHLY recommend it! I've never had so much fun stamping in my eight years of doing so!

(And if you do sign up, tell Pat I sent you -- I don't think I get anything for that, but it would be nice for her to know!)

Ret said...

stacy, your cards are super! The last one really got me!! It's absolutely gorgeous!! I'll have to try that. it sounds like alot of steps, but it's sure worth it!
so happy i found your blog!!!