Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Winter has officially come to Central Texas!! I'm sitting here staring out the window of the office (at home), looking across the street at the golf course, and it looks like Somebody dusted it with powdered sugar. Beautiful! And there is ice coating all the trees -- well, all the everything! -- and it is just absolutely gorgeous. Of course, now that the thermometer is rising a hair above freezing, it's all beginning to drip. A huge chunk of slushy ice broke loose from the roof a few minutes ago and went crash-cascading past my window. I jumped a mile! lol It's been fun having Aidan and Bjorn both home this week (schools were closed because of the ice and half-inch of snow!). I love having them home with me. Although, there have been a few times over the last several days when I've been quite thankful for my craft loft!!

Speaking of craft loft, this weather has kept me up there quite a bit. Something about cozy-cold (in moderation!) brings out the creativity in me. So now I have six or seven RAKs to send out, assuming the Post Office decides they can drive on slush. We didn't get any mail at all yesterday, nor did my parents (just up the street), so I can only say that the "neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night ..." thing doesn't apply to our local PO. They seriously could've delivered yesterday. Aidan and I went out walking in the snow for awhile in the afternoon, and there were quite a few cars driving down the street.

Anyway, enough of my gripe. Here's one of the cards I finished. It's a stamp of the Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego (which I've been to, and love!), which is made by Coronado Island Designs. The card was done using the Opalite-on-Opalite technique from Technique Junkies. I love the way the silver streak on the left looks like a shaft of moonlight. That was pure serendipity, not at all planned. I did a whole sheet of cardstock at once, then cut it up into four pieces so I could do four cards, so it was just a random swipe that turned into a perfect thing! The frame around the card is just Not Quite Navy cardstock (SU) that I spritzed with "Stream" Alcohol Ink spray from Ranger Industries. All CS is SU.

And then this one I just had to do, it being cold and sleety -- the stamps are Stampin' Up!, and I used two techniques. The background is Glimmering Rainbows, from TJ, and the surfboards are done in ... a technique I can't recall the name of at the moment, but it has something to do with chalk inks. Might be Rainbow Chalks. Anyway, the strip of "ocean" is embossed cardstock from Club Stamp that I sprayed with "Stream" Alcohol Ink Spray.

And then last but not least is a card I did using the TJ "Gesso Chic" technique. Everything is SU except for the gesso. I colored the image in with Metallic Pencils (and a couple of regular pencils, the white and black), then covered it in VersaMark ink and embossed it with clear EP. (The stamp set is retired.)

So if anyone is reading this, I hope you've enjoyed looking at the fruit of my frosty labor (okay, I was actually quite warm in the loft -- heat rises, y'know -- but it was frosty outside, so that counts a little!).

Off to the showers with me!

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Colleen said...

I love these cards and really need to try the gesso technique. It is gorgeous! TFS