Sunday, January 14, 2007

Card Crazy Woman!

Well, you will all (all, what, three of you? lol) be thrilled to know that I have decided to just continue to live in the past (or in denial) and banish the fact that Phil has left the Newsboys from my immediate mind. Whew! I knew you were worried!!

I have spent almost every day since the last post crafting cards. Sorta went on a binge, as it were. Of course, making four of each card takes time, so I don't have just thousands of cards to show for it, but I am extremely pleased with the ones I do have.

I will be sending most of these out as RAKs, keeping one of each for myself and then saving the other two of each kind to (hopefully) sell somewhere, once I figure out how I want to go about it.

I went on a buying spree with my Christmas money, and have so many cool new stamps! So here are a couple of the cards I've made ... since I'm going to RAK most of them, I won't show them all right now.

This one I will be sending to my aunt instead of RAKing, as a thank-you for spending a chunk of her time when she was visiting last week helping me out with a bunch of family history stuff. The house looks a lot like some I've seen in photos of my ancestors, so I thought it was just perfect for this! Stamp is by River City Rubber Works. Everything else is Stampin' Up!, and the background behind the house is done with the Lumiere Resist (Faux Mother-of-Pearl) Technique:

Also inspired by photos of ancestors is this card featuring a photo-realistic stamp from ArtChix Studios. I decided to frame it to look like an authentic-ish period photo, and then mounted it on a Textured Metallics background. The crackle stamp used on the frame is from Kiwi Impressionz:

I'll post one more in my sidebar to replace the "Very Girly" Serigraph Technique card.

Oh! My nieces were here today, and I gave them their Christmas presents ("Chrissie Pressies" in Kiwi ;-) ), and Kenni just went nuts over the perpetual calendar! I felt so good about doing it ... and yet it made me worry that her sister would think that the absolute TON of genealogical information I had compiled for her (she's interested in our family history) wouldn't be as good a gift. Fortunately, Kacy loved having all the family stuff -- she had been using and running into a few roadblocks, so this helped her out a lot!

Well, I am exhausted, so it's time to wrap this up and head off to the cozy warmth of my bed! They're predicting an ice storm here tonight, but they've been moving back it's projected arrival time all day, so I don't know that it will ever actually materialize. I hope it doesn't, since my nieces, grand-niece and Kacy's boyfriend will be driving back to Houston in the morning!


CreativSpirit said...

Hi Stacy,

I know that this is an old post, but just got a link to your blog when looking at the Faux Mother of Pearl technique. Just wanted to say how I love the other card with the Red Textured Metallic background. A beautiful card.



Stacy said...

Well, Rob, I don't know if you'll read this reply, but I appreciate the compliment!! Thanks for taking a look, and for giving me the feedback (especially since it's positive ;-) )