Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Giving it another chance

Thanks to "stamperosity" and lynn for their comments in my last post! I totally hear where y'all are coming from! So hopefully this post will be encouraging. (And I am so thrilled to know I have readers outside the few friends whom I have bribed ... uh, I mean who LOVE me enough to be faithful readers!)

I've decided to stick with SU for now. I really do love the company, the products, all that. I was just so discouraged on Saturday with the meeting, and with the lack of response I've gotten for my class. But I've decided I'm not going to let that stop me. The Spring Mini is coming out in another month, and it is FULL of great stuff. And we're going to a new catalog system this summer (two seasonal ones per year instead of one all-year one -- if you want details, e-mail me at So it's still an exciting "place".

I do wish I was much more of a "go-getter" type. I do hate having to rely on my friends so much to make up the bulk of my customer ordering and my workshop-attendees. Guess I'll just have to screw up my courage to get some more business going! I really don't want to have to make up my quarterly quota all on my own (even though it would be very easy!) I AM going to have to work out a way to pay back this debt! :o Bjorn is a patient man, but I don't want to push it too far!

I have been a madwoman in the loft again. I don't know when I'll ever get back to scrapbooking, this card-making thing is so much fun! When I get a chance I'll scan them in and post some of them here. Made a REALLY cool mosaic card -- but as for making four of them at once ... it took me two hours to do this one, so I think I'll have to spread out making the other three! And I did one with a picture of a castle over a "Glimmering Rainbows" background that came out really awesome, if I do say so myself. I used copper metallic mix-in with the alcohol inks, and it just glows!

So, when I have another minute (I've gotta get in the shower -- it's already past noon!) I'll get that scanning and posting done!

In the meantime -- stay warm (or keep cool, depending on where you live), and go stamp something (but not your kids or your cat!)


Stamperosity said...

I'm glad you have decided to hang on a little while longer. I hate to see any demo leave SU! I hope that your decision provides you the opportunity to grow your business and at the very least, make your minimums!

Swr4him said...

I really appreciated your honesty about life as SU demo. I feel the same way about alot of endeavors that I try. I also loved your comments about spending money and worries about overspending. I say this as I practically ran out of Target about a tag-along machine when I just bought the Wizard about 6 months ago and then gave it to my daughter so I could buy the Bit Shot. I agree with you though that I am a holy vessel of the Lord and He loves me no matter want. In fact I believe that if I surrendered my stamping compulsion to him, my creativity would really soar. He wants much more that I can ever want for myself. Love your site. Thanks for your honesty and lovely blog site.


Swr4him said...

Need to correct "He loves me no matter what".