Saturday, January 20, 2007

Well, is it time??

So I'm feeling pretty discouraged today about my Stampin' Up! demo-ship. It's just not going the way I had hoped it would. Most of that, of course, is my own responsibility -- I'm not really much of a "go-getter", and the thought of going out and scrounging up people to hostess workshops just makes me queasy. So I'm trying doing classes for the ladies I know who are interested in stamping, but so far I'm not even getting many responses to the invitation, much less getting many "yes" answers. So far I have two committed, four no's, and several who haven't even read my e-mail yet (I know because I requested a "read" receipt). So, maybe it's time to bow out and just concentrate on my card-making instead of stamp-selling? I've been turning out lots of cards I really like, lately, and am seriously considering finding a way to sell them. So, lots to think about. Bjorn's just annoyed because I have a credit card debt that's several times what it cost me to get into this business in the first place, and if I quit, that means I'll have to come up with another way to pay it off. Not that I was actually doing much to pay it off in the first place! All the money I make on SU gets plowed right back into SU, either from me buying supplies for workshops/classes that don't have many attendees, or from my own supply-building. So I'll give it a little while, some more thought and some prayer and see what I decide. I'll hate giving up the 20% discount, for sure. I guess I could just stay a hobby-demo, but coming up with $300 every quarter ... I'd really rather not have to be limited to just Stampin' Up! products. I love them, I honestly think they're one of the best companies in the business. But since I've become a Mega Technique-Junkie, there are a lot of products I need that Stampin' Up! doesn't sell, like alcohol inks, distress inks, etc. So I'd rather not have to add what I need of non-SU stuff to the $300 required to remain a demo. I'm not sure the 20% discount would be worth it.

Another thing is that I have received very little support/encouragment/training from my upline. She is an awesome demonstrator, and I had also gotten the idea that she was a great upline to have, but I have had no training at all. Her meetings are amazing, and I usually come away from there all fired up again, but it soon fizzles with no support. I'm wondering if she thinks I'm doing okay because I've had some good quarters lately, but most of that has been from my own purchases and the couple of e-mail workshops that "just happened".

Anyway, I've got several new cards to scan and post, and will do that soon. I sent out eight RAKs on Wednesday, just as soon as the ice melted enough for me to get out and drive. It was fun! I love knowing I'll be surprising people.

So, off to do other things for now. If anyone reads this and has any thoughts on my Stampin' Up! decision, please post a comment for me!!


Stamperosity said...

Geese, it sounds as if I wrote this blog entry! EVERYTHING you have said is the same for me (except the credit card debt-thank goodness). I love being a hobby demo mainly because I'd much rather play than work at my crafting. Seems like work takes all the fun out of it. I don't have a problem making my minimum with just my own purchases. I know that you will find your way...just have faith. Thanks for sharing all of your awesome creations. I love your blog!

Lynn said...

I was reading your entry with interest. I am thinking of getting started selling Stampin'-Up and keep wavering back and forth. My husband said to just make a decision. He thinks I should because I love the product and will get a discount on it. All he asks is that at the end of the year, I make back the $195 it took to start. Do I wnat that kind of pressure?

Stacy said...

Girls, I hear you -- and thanks for your comments!!

I love SU, I just have been feeling so discouraged about the "business" part of this. Well, it'll be in today's post, if you want to read that.

Anyway, glad to know y'all are on board with me. Feel free to e-mail me anytime! (

Melissa said...

What about leaving your catalog in some places? How about sending out emails for a discount or a marker club? What about putting up a flier on the bulletin board at the local grocery store? Free ads somewhere?