Monday, January 01, 2007

What Sorrow Can Do

Well, in my abject sorrow over Phil leaving the Newsboys (say it ain't so!), I went up into my craft loft and decided to work out my sadness with paper, ink and rubber. This is the card I came up with. It's not "in honor" of Phil or anything. I just went up, picked a technique (in this case it was TJ's "Silken Mist"), made a background, then went from there. The background was so dark and mysterious, I really wished I had some sort of "night" stamp, but since I didn't, I thought my cathedral window would be a pretty cool main image over this background. That being accomplished, I had to decide how to mount it on the card. After much thinking (okay, and praying -- God is pretty good to give me ideas when I'm blanked out), I decided to use my SU "Linen" background stamp over the Elegant Eggplant cardstock. I wanted a little "zing" though, to bring out the pearly highlights in the Silken Mist, so I inked up the Linen stamp again, this time with Silver, and overstamped the Eggplant. That was too bright, so I inked up the Linen again with Elegant Eggplant and overstamped yet a third time (or would that be the second, since I said I overstamped?). Anyway, I'm calling my newly invented technique "Triple Overstamp Background" ;-).

You really can't see how shimmery the Silken Mist background is in the scan, nor is the Silken Mist part as dark as it is in real life. It's really got much more dark blue in it, and you just can't really see the pearly white highlights, either. But hopefully you can get a feel for how it looks. I'm going to RAK one of these (I made four) to someone in the TJ 1-on-1 group in the very near future ...

So creativity really is a terrific outlet for stressful emotions! I'm glad to know that. Maybe this will be a very productive period for me! ;-)

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