Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chalk, chocolate and tidal waves

I've been having too much fun in my craft loft the last couple of days. I took this week's challenge from Kimm's Stamping Workouts (check my links), and have been making backgrounds. Here are a couple of cards using the "Chalk Resist" technique (think that's SCS) and the "Doodle This" stamp set from SU that's coming out in the Spring Mini. It's basically the same background, just one is pastel and the other is bright. To do Chalk Resist you just stamp your images in Versamark on white glossy cardstock, then ink up your brayer with chalk inks, one color at a time, and only 2-3 complimentary colors per card. Then you just brayer the colors (lightest first) over the cardstock, then polish them off with a tissue or soft paper towel (I use Viva for my crafts), and the Versamark images resist the chalk ink! It's pretty cool because there is NO embossing powder required!:

This is what I ended up with finally from my Watercolor Distress that looked like ocean waves. I was so thrilled to find the EXACT stamp image I wanted (at StampFrancisco). Apparently the artwork this is based on was done by a Japanese artist named Hokusai, who did a number of these tidal wave works. (Ain't the internet grand?) Unfortunately, the stamped image covers up the awesome wave action of the background. Oh, well. Can't have everything I guess:

And now on to the chocolate. Actually the technique used is Sweetened Condensed Milk Stamping, which is basically just like it sounds. You paint a fairly thin layer of sweetened condensed milk on your stamp, then heat it with your heat gun until the sugar carmelizes and begins to burn. You can choose how dark you want your image by how long you heat it. Smells awful (like burnt sugar), but it is SO cool to watch the white milk turn all carmelly brown.

So the first card I made uses a stamp from the Making Memories Floral/Dingbat foam stamp set (foam stamps are great for this because they're easier to clean up). Something about the carmelized milk made me think of chocolate, so I used my chocolate girls from ClubStamp. They're actually mounted on a piece of dark brown sueded paper from ClubStamp, but, alas, you can't feel it over the interned (too small a piece, anyway):

The second card I made with the Sweetened Condensed Milk method uses the French Flair background stamp that's in SU's Winter mini. I LOVE this stamp. Anyway, it was a little harder to get the milk on without it glopping (the milk is thick and sticky), but I managed to get a decent image from it. I made four of these, and all four are slightly different. They all have the little girl in the same spot (she's from ArtChix stamps), matted the same way. But one had all pinky-brown flowers around the bottom and left, one had just one pinky-brown flower in the top left and bottom right corners, one had just a 7/8" gold organdy ribbon tied in a bow under the girl's picture, and the other is this one:

My grandmother actually bought the one with the pinky-brown flowers at the bottom and left side, and my mom bought the one with the gold bow. Am I awful for charging my relatives for my cards?!? Well, hey, I've gotta make money to get more supplies some way!

So, that's been my weekend. I was straightening my loft tonight and found my old Radiant Pearls that I'd bought years ago when we lived in Arizona. Some of them were pretty much gone, but several were still in good shape (at least they seem to be). So tomorrow I hope to find some techniques that use them. I know there's one in the current TJ newsletter, but I don't know if I have all the other "ingredients". Oh, well. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!


Lynn said...

Love these techniques. I am going to have to try some of these. I did the condensed milk one once but did not heat it up....maybe that is why it did not look right. I am looking forward to receiving my technique junkies newsletters.

Stacy said...

Your life will never be the same once you do! lol Someone suggested I might want to keep my SCMilk cards in plastic bags to keep the bugs (and cats) out. Never had to do that with a card before! ;-)