Monday, February 26, 2007

Cuttlebugs and Rolling Pins ...

Hey, I just found out that you can use a rolling pin or pasta machine with Cuttlebug embossing folders and get great results WITHOUT having to buy the machine! I am seriously going to try this (not today -- I'm out of money!). I'll try the rolling pin first, since I have one (mine's wood, so I hope that's hard enough. One place said use a marble one), but may have to invest in the pasta machine if the rolling pin is too hard on my poor-baby-sensitive elbow (rolls eyes). I figure $20 vs. $90 isn't a bad way to save money! But hopefully the rolling pin will work.

Here's what I learned: You spritz your cardstock with water (to make it more pliable), then put it into the embossing folder. Tape the edges closed (otherwise the cardstock may shift), then start rolling! It was mentioned that using the edges of the rolling pin works best, but they also said to just experiment and see what works best for you.

Over at Splitcoast, someone did mention that they used their pasta roller machine with Cuttlebug folders, which is why I knew that might work, too. Apparently the Cuttlebug embossing folders are about $5 apiece (I haven't looked at them myself, yet.)

So -- this is awesome! I knew I couldn't justify buying one, since I rarely use diecuts and wouldn't be embossing just every day. But if I can get good results this way ... life will be good!

Gotta run. Things to do, places to go, cards to make!


Carol V said...

Thanks for the info about the pasta machine. I will try it this week and see how it works.
I got my pasta machine at Goodwill for $5, new, never used in box. Try looking there or thrift stores, I have seen them there too.

Stacy said...

Ooooh, good idea, Carol! Thanks for the suggestion!