Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hearts and flowers and ... well, whatever

Happy Valentine's Day (or the day after)! It's been a pretty decent day here -- cold, but good snuggling weather!

As promised yesterday, I'm going to post the cards I made for my family. First, Bjorn's:

I did this with bleach and metallic pencils. The hearts are freehand (done with an aquapainter filled with bleach), and the stamps are all SU. I just woke up with this idea in my head the other morning, and just went in and played and this is what I came up with! It's a little different from my usual card style, but I love the current hot "doodle" look, so thought I would give it a try here. He loved it, BTW!


He disdains Valentine's Day as a day that's "a big marketing scam" (wait until he has a girlfriend!). So I decided to NOT do a Valentine-themed card at all. I did this using the Faux Paper Paste technique (not sure where I got it ... it's not TJ). Basically you brayer acrylic paint onto cardstock, swirl through it with something (you could use a comb, I used one of those little rubber texturizing tools from the stencil aisle at Michael's), then you can sprinkle the "G" word on it if you wish (don't know why, but I did!). Then I embossed the "Reticulum" image (from Club Stamp "Time and Space" set) in silver and bleached out the background. I think I used Brilliant Blue cardstock (SU). It turned out a pale green when bleached, so I mounted it on embossed swirly cardstock from Club Stamp. He loved it! (Whew!)

My dad's:

This is also the Faux Paper Paste technique, only I used the Fleur-de-lis from SU's "Carte Postale" set on it as well as the texturizing tool. I had to re-brayer the paint several times (to clear out the images and start over) before I got the Fleurs halfway decent, but I like how it turned out. He did, too.

My granny's:

Granny LOVES birds and the color pink (she also loves butterflies, but I didn't want to just do a "favorites" overload), so I just stamped the French Script background from SU in Mellow Moss on Whisper White, then stamped the bird (from SU's "Nature's Beauty" set) in black Staz-On and colored it in with Pearl-ex, using Future Floor Polish in the aquapainter as the medium for the powder. (I really need just a brown color in PE, but I don't even know if they make such a thing. I had to use copper and russet.) I mounted it on Mellow Moss. Then I stamped the heart twice from the SU retired set "Gentler Times" in Pretty in Pink and cut those out. I stamped the French Script background in Mellow Moss on Pretty in Pink paper, then mounted the bird piece over it lining it up with where the words fell on the background. Then I put the hearts on, and voila! A lovely pink card with a bird!

And, last but not least, the card I like the best -- the card for my mom:

This one is done with the Opalite Infusions technique (which I think is a SplitcoastStampers technique). My mother is a blue-and-white fanatic, AND whenever I see old-tyme images of little girls I always think of her. She was so cute -- when she opened it, after "flipping" over how beautiful it was (her words), she looked at the little girls and said, "Oh, that's you and me!" Gosh I love my mom! I told her that, if we got to be kids again in Heaven, that would definitely be us. It would have been a blast to know my mom as a little girl ... although I'm sure dealing with her only-childness would have had its difficult moments!

So there they are. One-of-a-kinds, all. I didn't even make myself a copy of any of them, tht way they were extra special.

Well, Bjorn came in in the middle of me typing this, and we took time out to watch "84 Charing Cross Road", which is an EXCELLENT, sweet movie. I highly recommend it!

Off to bed ...

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