Saturday, February 03, 2007

Of pita chips and tulip petals

Ha! Got your attention?

So the pita chips have nothing to do with stamping or scrapping whatsoever, but I have to tell this. On Thursday there was a knock at my door and the FedEx guy delivered a package. I sent Aidan to the door, since I was busily working away in my craft loft, so I asked him who it was from, thinking maybe it was one of the several orders I had placed recently, kinda getting excited. He brought it upstairs to me and it was a whole box of PITA CHIPS!! I knew I hadn't ordered pita chips, since I'm allergic to wheat, and my guys haven't demanded any. So I was totally puzzled. Well, turns out the pita chips were from Stacy's Pita Chips company, and apparently these incredibly clever people had sent free boxes to "every Stacy we could find", in the hopes that we would either go out and buy some for ourselves (if our stores carry them), or request that the stores start carrying them. So I think this is pretty kewl, actually! I mean, I totally think this is a very clever marketing scheme. Yeah, I'll probably ask our local stores to carry them, even though I can't eat them. Bjorn and Aidan say they're pretty good. The two very best things about this whole promotion, IMHBAO (in my humble, but accurate, opinion) were 1) the box, which is black and gold and has this huge "label" on it that says "To Stacy, From Stacy". I may start using it to store the cards I make to keep! lol And the other is that they sent this big sticker that says, "Have you hugged a Stacy today?" That went up on the 'fridge immediately! Love these people, even if I can't eat their chips!

So on to the tulip petals. Bjorn brought me home a bouquet of tulips on Monday, because I was having a very crabby and grumpy day (sweet guy!). Well, by yesterday they were starting to droop pretty significantly, so I thought Hey! I can try out the Smashed Petals technique with these petals! (I have done this only one other time, with pansies. Pansies work great, but, boy is it hard to smash a flower with a face!) So I pulled of a bowl full of petals (while one of my cats, Mokii, thought I was getting her a treat, since this was the same kind of bowl she gets her moist food in) and went upstairs. I took one of the petals, laid it on white cardstock, covered it with wax paper and one of those little black square eyelet-setting mats (I couldn't find our rubber mallet), and whammed away with the hammer. After several blows I decided the thing had to be total mush by now, so I pulled everything away. Well, there was petal-pigment AROUND the petal, but where the petal had been was nothing! So I tried again. Several times. I even tried just applying the hammer directly without the mat. Same effect. So I realized that tulip petals are too waxy to really work with this technique. I did get kind-of a cool abstract effect, but I don't think it's anything I can really work with.

Other musings for the day:
I think I'm embellishment-challenged. No, actually, I KNOW I am. I have the hardest time trying to decide what kind of embellie to put on a card, or even if I need one at all. I don't know if this is related to the fact that I am also home-decoratingly challenged, or if it's a separate brain-failure, but it is beginning to drive me crazy. If I'm gonna start selling these darned cards, I think I need them to be PERFECT, okay? Gotta attract folks, right? So I have got to figure out a way to get past this. I do think I will make a bunch of fairly simple, straightforward cards, too, but I'm having so much fun with my Technique-ful cards that they seem to be all I want to do for now. So, embellies ... HELP GOD!!!

And speaking of God, I think I've come up with a name for my card-making "business" -- Soli Deo Gloria [something -- Creations or Designs or something like that]. It means "To the Glory of God Alone", and it's the motto for my son's school. I like it, since I figure He's the one who has given me the talent, He's the one who gives me the ideas, and so He's the one who should get the credit. Anyway, now I have to design a "logo" that I can have made into a rubber stamp for the back of the cards. And I need to branch out and not make JUST cards, too, if I'm going to make this work. In some ways this idea of selling them scares me to death ... the whole thing with craft fairs, etc. I could sell my non-SU cards anywhere, but SU is VERY picky about where you can sell things you make with their stamps. No permanent retail facilities (unless it was something like a temporary craft fair at a mall), no online stores, pretty much basically just through craft fairs and the "temporary set up" kind of deals. So I've got to just get over it and go out there and do it. I have a stamp from ClubStamp that says, "How will you know if you don't try?" So I may have that tattooed on my right hand so I can see it every day! lol

Well, I guess I need to go do something that will look useful to Bjorn. It's Saturday, and I feel like I'm under scrutiny (which I'm probably not at all). Maybe I'll do laundry. That's easy, and it looks like you've done something!

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