Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Roses, cards and ... tough requests?

Okay, I have such a sweet husband -- he brought me roses tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow night, so I could enjoy them all day tomorrow! What a guy!! I gave him a big ol' smooch, I'm talkin' RIGHT ON THE LIPS!! lol

I spent the day today making one-of-a-kind cards for my family. I'll scan/photograph them tomorrow and post them. They didn't all turn out fancy-artsy, but I think the recipients will like them. (Why is it the card I made for my MOTHER is the one I like best, instead of the one for Bjorn? Ah, well, you never know what will turn up out of my brain, and I was experimenting on Bjorn's.) I'm kinda looking forward to getting back to the "playing around" cards. I don't know why, but they're so much "easier" than the ones I make for specific people on specific occasions. I guess it's because I don't feel as much pressure.

So then, after being all sweet with the roses tonight, Bjorn said, "I think you should add up all the money you've spent on craft stuff this month." WHAT????? Is he crazy? I mean, that would be grounds for divorce right there! And I told him that. He just said, "I'm not mad at you, but I do think you should add it up so you can see just how much you're spending." Uh, I don't want to know, there, sweetie. Can we say "guilt"? Can we say "bad wife"? How about "obsessive/compulsive"? And this was not two hours after I had made a complete and total impulse stamp purchase online. I just joined a Yahoo! group called "001 Stamp Artists", and on Tuesdays they allow vendors to post sales, etc. Well, Art Neko was having this pre-order sale for this sheet of cat stamps, and the first ten people who ordered would get them for $5 off, so $12.99 instead of $17.99. How can you pass that up? Especially since the sheet is adorable, and I LOVE cats? Ugh. Am I supposed to choose between stamps and my husband? I mean, because that would be impossible! It's the old "My husband said I had to choose between him and stamping. I'm going to miss him," joke. I know he doesn't want me to give up stamping (in fact, after this discussion he came into my craft loft and made out like he was terribly interested in what I was doing -- a rarity for him!) He totally supports my creative endeavours, but I know he wishes I had more restraint where spending is concerned (oh, if he only knew how much restraint I DO show!). There was a cute article in RubberStamper magazine this month written by a "stamping widower" about how he ends up having to cook every night because his wife is holed up in her stamping room. I'm going to have to show it to Bjorn so he'll know he isn't alone. (At least he doesn't have to cook, and I DO often feel guilt, for all the good it does!)

So ... Aidan got in trouble tonight for doing a homework assignment by only writing two sentences to answer a question in Literature. The question was: "Is there such a thing as an ok lie?" And he answered, "Yes, there are such things as ok lies. Rahab was actually commended by God for her lying, and she is mentioned in Hebrews 11." YOUCH! Eighth grade and they're already asking them tough moral questions! He hates having to think through these kinds of things because he's so smart that he thinks about them TOO much and confuses himself. (He didn't say he was "so smart", but he really is, that's the problem!) So we talked about it. In all honesty, I don't know the answer to that one. We did decide that Rahab wasn't commended by God because she lied, but because she protected the Israelite spies. And then we went into a big discussion about how it's very important that Aidan begin to confront these questions now, while he has his parents around close to guide him through this stuff rather than waiting until he graduates from his Christian school and is thrust out into the Real World full of people DYING to confuse him about his beliefs. His school is awesome about teaching the kids to think for themselves about their faith, rather than just accepting what they're "fed". But it won't work if he doesn't actually do the thinking part! Boy, I got so spoiled when he was younger and so easy to deal with. These teen years are gonna be tough!! (At least he's a good, solidly grounded kid, with a good head on his shoulders, although it is in the clouds much of the time, Tolkien-fanatic that he is!)

Well, that was off-topic, but it's been a long night!

So, I'm off to put my guilt-ridden obsessive self to bed. There's no telling what I'm going to dream about tonight. I listened to the Newsboys alot today, I watched part of Star Wars Episode III at lunch (the depressing bits about Anakin turning to the Dark Side ... what was I thinking??), then Aidan wanted to watch some of Fellowship of the Ring tonight. It will be interesting to see how that gets swirled around in my brain! (And it will, trust me. I dream like crazy every night. No wonder I'm so tired all the time!)

Okay, tomorrow I will try to get back here and post my Valentine's cards. Namarie. And may the Force be with you, mate. (Say that last part with a Kiwi accent ;-) )

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