Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Garage Sale

(I don't even know my own Blogger address -- I have to get to it from my account! How sad is that???)

So the big Citywide Garage sale at the local activity center was yesterday morning. It was a total blast! I think I sold about 29 cards, and I definitely learned a lot from the experience.

I only sold one card in the first, about, hour-and-a-half, and I REALLY got worried! I was sitting there thinking that I had really picked the wrong venue for selling art cards! I even panicked and slashed my price from $4 to $3. But the thing was, the first wave of folks to come through the garage sale were mostly Mexican families looking for major bargains on household items, clothes and toys. They weren't interested in paying $4 for one card, even if it was handmade! But after they began to thin out, a second wave of folks came through who were mostly people from around here -- middle- to upper-middle-class (okay, and some very well-off people) who were there to see what interesting finds there were to be had. And these people were my customers. VERY nice people, very fun to talk to, fun to tell about techniques and the addictiveness of stamping. People bought cards for a variety of reasons -- as samples for relatives who stamped, to revive the fine art of written communication among friends, to frame and hang up in their houses (talk about feeling flattered!). And the cards I figured would sell the best, the ones I had specifically made to sell rather than just to play around with techniques, were the ones that didn't sell at all! I had made about 94 little 3x3 gift cards (four different designs), had them for sale at $1 apiece, and not one of them sold! Neither did the "plain" non-technique Stampin' Up! cards (the kinds I would demo for workshops). The ones that sold the best were the ones I had just made for the love of stamping and playing with techniques. Of course, this is just my first experience with selling, and another crowd might buy totally different things. But, as I said, it was really fun, and I'm so thankful to have some money to put in on my stamping-addiction-induced credit card debt!

I am seriously considering opening up an eBay store to sell my non-SU cards (and other paper items, if I get around to that). SU won't let you sell stuff you make with their stamps in "permanent store fronts", even if they're internet stores. So I'll have to figure out a different way to sell those. I'll be making a big deal out of it here if I do open an eBay store, so if you're interested, keep a weather eye out!

I also need to seriously consider giving classes. I had several people ask me if I did them. Of course, I do my Stampin' Up! demo-ing, but they had actual classes in mind, so I need to start thinking about doing that. I think it would be fun ... just need to decide what to teach and how to do it. And screw up the courage!

Okay, tomorrow I will post pics of a couple of new cards I made just before the garage sale. I'm doing a workshop on Tuesday afternoon, so I need to concentrate on that tomorrow and Tuesday morning, then I can get back to stamping for me. And I can't wait, because I have some delectable new stamps from The Stampsmith that I am dying to try! A sheet of "Shakespeare's Heroines" that are art-portraits (as opposed to photos) of women dressed in early-1800s clothing (not 15- or 1600s) so they must be from plays that were staged in the costumes of the days in which they were given (assuming these are real portraits and not just made specifically for stamps). None of that made sense, did it? Well, you'll just have to go over to to see them, or wait until I post cards made with them. I also have a stamp from the same place that is a photo of a little girl wearing butterfly wings, and she looks EXACTLY like my grand-niece!

I also need to photograph and post the scrapbook page I made tonight as a practice for demoing it on Tuesday. I'm really proud of it -- it's a Progressive Page (6x6, then add that to an 8-1/2 x 11, then add that to a 12x12 page), and it uses the Polka Dots and Paisley set, and the double-sided paper that goes with that, as well as an adorable picture of the same grand-niece I mentioned above.

WHEW! Lots of writing there! It's getting late, and I really need to get to bed, but I will do my best to post more piccies tomorrow. (Piccies ... as in "pictures". I think it's Kiwi-speak ... as in New Zealand.)

Catch ya later, mates!

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