Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How cool is this!

Blogger is now linked up with Picasa picture hosting service, and they automatically save all photos from your blog there. So if you want to just go look at all the photos I've uploaded since the end of December 2006 (they haven't got the older ones in yet), here is the URL: . You'll probably have to copy and paste that, I seem to have trouble posting links in my blog posts.

Okay, I am back on-topic here with creativity today! I have actually managed to create a thing or two lately! In fact, I accidentally invented a new technique! Yep -- but I'm not telling any details about it yet. I want to send it in to Pat at Technique Junkies and see if she'll publish it in one of her upcoming newsletters. It is pretty cool, so I think she'll like it. She is going to be publishing another technique I accidentally came up with a couple of months ago, she said probably in the June edition. It's so much fun to have these little serendipities just pop up in the midst of what would otherwise have been disaster. I was trying (both times) to fix up something I had done that I wasn't too happy with, and by playing around, something very cool happened. I highly suggest playing around with techniques. No telling what you'll come up with!

I'm also working on the gift tags I promised for the March Teacher Appreciation breakfast at Aidan's school. I'm making backgrounds (for 70 tags!), and I like one of the ones I came up with (the more masculine one), but I don't really like the others. I'm stamping on white paper, then spritzing with water to get the ink to run a little, then drying a bit with the heat tool, then spritzing over that with yellow jewel-toned colorwash. The theme is supposed to be about growing (they're getting potted plants), so I used fern stamps on the masculine one, in different greens, and they did pretty cool. But then I tried using blues with flower stamps on the "feminine" ones, and it just doesn't work as well. The yellow colorwash doesn't highlight blue in the same way it does green. So I really need to get cracking on finding something I like for the more feminine ones, or else maybe just do them all with ferns. We'll just have to see. [update -- I ended up going with just the ferns in greens and yellows, and I'm happy with that]

Okay, I do actually have some pictures today! So, for your viewing pleasure, here they are. All three use the Silken Mist technique, and here's how you do it:

You will need --
a couple of coordinating colors of Twinkling H2Os
a metallic color of H2Os (it's optional, but I used it)
a sheet of acetate that is slightly larger than the paper you're using
a flat-head paintbrush
a spritzer bottle of water
white glossy cardstock (easier to do it if it's already cut into the size you want to use)

1. Moisten your Twinks with a bit of water squirted into each pot. Stir them up until they're a creamy consistency.
2. Using the paintbrush, cover most of the acetate sheet with the lightest color of Twinks (unless you're using a whole sheet of acetate, like I did, in which case color a section that's a little larger than the size of cardstock piece you're using).
3. Add the darker color to the acetate in patches (i.e., don't cover the whole area)
4. Spritz just a smidgen of water over the painted acetate
5. Place your cardstock, glossy side down, over the painted acetate. It's best if you start at one edge of the cardstock and sort-of roll it down onto the paint. This cuts down on the amount of air bubbles.
6. Flip the acetate/cardstock "sandwich" (the paint is the filler ;-) ) over so that you can see where the paint is on the cardstock. Smooth out any air bubbles, and smoosh the paint around using your fingers (remember, the acetate is still on top)
7. Very carefully pull the acetate from the cardstock. Let dry (or dry with your heat tool if you don't want to wait).
8. If you want to add a metallic color, repeat steps 1-7 using just one color of metallic Twinks. Let dry
9. Use as a background or stamp directly onto it.

Here are the cards I made using this technique. I had so much fun playing with the colors! It's hard to stop!

This is actually the card I sent to my March 1-on-1 partner (Technique Junkies). I hope she likes it! Stamp is by Judikins. On this one I actually stamped the image with Staz-On, then cut out the rectangle around it (very carefully so I could preserve the rest of the piece), mounted it on gold paper, then re-mounted that to the rest of the piece. How very clever of me, huh? ;-)

This is another one of "Shakespeare's Heroines" that I purchased from The Stampsmith. I think this one is Julia from "Two Gentlemen of Verona". Anyway, I stamped the Floral background stamp from Stampin' Up! over the Silken Mist background (I had done this before and love the results). It just begged for an old-fashioned lady to grace it. I used Stampin' Pastels on Julia, and then mounted the image on a piece of thin chipboard (the kind that comes under the Stampin' Up! printed paper packages), covered that with SU paper with an oval (obviously) cut out of it, then mounted that over a piece of French script vellum I've had forever. Then I wrapped the gold cording around it all, and voila! A very feminine card! (My grandmother absolutely flipped over it.)

And last, but certainly not least:

Here you get a sneak-peek at the new technique I "invented". The butterfly (Stampin' Up!) is on a green/aqua Silken Mist background, but the blue part around it was made using my new technique. I won't tell you what I've named it because that would give away part of how I've done it, but if Pat chooses to use it (or even if not) I will eventually reveal the secret. All the stamps were SU, including the ones I used on the secret technique.

Well, it's late and it has literally taken me all day to finish this post! So now that it's finally done, I am SO off to bed. Let me know what you think of the new technique -- of course, it looks better IRL, but maybe you can get an inkling here.


Ret said...

wowzer, you've been wayyyyyy busy! you got all 70!!!! done??? yikes!
I'm wayyyy impressed lol
I love your Silken Mist Technique, it came out really nice! Love the colors.
take care!!!

Lynn said...

I love all the cards. I have not been able to practice any of the techniques from Technique Junkies newsletter yet as I still have sooo many boxes to unpack before I can even get into my craft area!!! Hopefully soon.

Stacy said...

Thank you both! Always happy to impress people ;-)

Lynn, hope you get those boxes unpacked SOON, gf! You'll start having withdrawal symptoms soon if you don't!