Friday, March 23, 2007

Internet Free Day? WHAT???????

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 24) is, apparently, "Internet Free Day". I'd like to find the person who thought this up and throttle them, because it just totally validates people like my husband (who is a computer geek, of all things) who think we spend too much time on the 'net and has, therefore, ordered that we comply with this arbitrary "day off" from the internet. I would throttle HIM, except that tomorrow also just happens to be our 16th anniversary, AND we have to clean house for the Embossing 101 class I'm giving on Sunday afternoon. But 24 hours without the INTERNET? How will I find out what's happening in New Zealand? How will I check my e-mail? How will I post new pictures on here??

I have a few new things to show off (a few of them CASEd, which I don't like to do unless I'm desperate, as I was this week) from the class I'll be teaching. However, being busy putting the thing together, I haven't had time to scan/photograph them, and so I have to wait until Sunday to do that ... and I will be busy GIVING the class, so it may be Monday. Yeesh!

Oh, well. I guess since I do love the guy, I'll be nice about it, but, boy, I wouldn't do this for anyone else. Not even Phil Joel!

So I hope everyone who defies the command has a wonderful, Internet-laden day on Saturday. *SIGH* I'll be back with y'all on Sunday!!

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