Saturday, March 17, 2007

OT: Some reasons why I want to go to New Zealand (EnZed)

You may recall that I have a "thing" for New Zealand right now. Started with a co-worker of my husband's back in the late 1990s who quit and moved to New Zealand. He told us we should move there because the tech market was really beginning to take off. Wish we had listened! We actually did consider it for a little while (not TOO seriously), but I knew my mother would kill us all if we moved halfway around the world. Okay, she would have killed me and Bjorn and taken Aidan in to raise!

Then Lord of the Rings came out, and I found out it was all filmed there. I mean, New Zealand = Middle-earth now, right? (Sorry, Prof. Tolkien!) Seriously, all that gorgeous landscape. Who wouldn't want to go?

And then I found out that Phil Joel was from New Zealand. Well that cemented it right there. Dude's from Auckland (Blockhouse Bay area), so the North Island is where I focus most of my interest, but the whole country is AMAZINGLY beautiful. (BTW, I think "Auckland" is just a cool word -- don't know why, I just love the way it sounds .)

I was "Google Earth"ing last night, hanging out in New Zealand, and found some photos of some really great places. So this evening I've been Image Googling some of them, Which now leads to some other reasons why I want to go to "EnZed" (NZ, with the "z" pronounced "zed", the British way) and spend a really long time:

Cathedral Cove on the east side of the Coromandel Peninsula, North Island, across the Hauraki Gulf from Auckland.

Two views of Cathedral Rock, in Cathedral Cove

This is Piha, a beach to the west of Auckland. It's Phil Joel's favorite place (his family used to go there when he was a kid, and I think he has a vacation home there now, or at least he always visits there when he and his family go to EnZed). The sand on the beach is black!

Just a few other NZ sites/sights.

Hope you enjoyed your mini-tour of New Zealand. I know I did! ;-)

BTW -- I got all these photos from the web. They're probably copyrighted by someone, so I want to make it very clear that I'm not intending to steal them, just showcasing a beautiful place!


BlackSand said...


I am a Kiwi and love eNZed too. I live in Piha so wake up each morning thinking I have died and gone to heaven. Check my photos on and

Stacy said...

Thanks, blacksand! I will definitely take a look!