Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The title of this post is ... um ...

Sometimes I really just can't come up with a clever title. Or even a coherent one. I'm pretty worn out this evening, though, so I'll blame it on that tonight!

So, I apologize because I said I would post some new card pics, and I've just been incredibly busy and now am just too tired. I did a workshop today (mentioned it in the last post), and it was tough! I drove about forty-five minutes away, and then faced a bit of a tough crowd. Nice ladies, that wasn't the problem. Just tough sells. I still don't have a single order from the workshop, but it isn't closing until Thursday, so hopefully they'll look through the catalogs I lent them and will find some goodies that they want. Mostly I hope that for the hostess' sake. I really want her to do well and get some nice hostess goodies.

Anyway, I'm pretty wiped out from the very, very busy week or so that I've had. But tomorrow I get a nice break -- I'm going to lunch with a friend of mine who lives about an hour's drive from my house. We're meeting halfway (close to my son's school), so that makes it easier on both of us. We were meeting for lunch about once a month, but then the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays came up, then we just fell out of the habit. So I'm glad to get a chance to catch up with her face-to-face and chat. She's a fellow stamper/scrapper, though getting more into digi-scrapping these days, but it's always fun to gab about our mutual hobbies!

Okay, off to bed. I will upload the card pictures from my camera either tonight or tomorrow and post them! I promise!


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