Saturday, April 14, 2007

Making things right ...

Somehow, in all the vast quantity of text that is the SU Demonstrator's manual, I missed that I'm supposed to put an SU copyright notice on all creations I make with SU images. I'm not going to go back in right now and put it on the images I've already posted, but I will be doing that from now on. Not like y'all really care, but I want to be sure I'm doing the right thing!

Also, if you notice, I've added a "Note about CASEing" to my sidebar. It's just basically asking you to be nice and not "steal" my designs so that you can submit them to magazines, contests, etc. with YOUR name on them instead of MINE. Just a fairness thing, really. I rarely ever CASE anything exaxtly. (CASE means "Copy And Steal/Share Everything". I like for designs to ultimately be my own, even if I've just changed a small thing. And I imagine you do, too. So it's just there as a reminder to do the right thing.

Migraine coming on. Off to bed.

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