Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stamping is good therapy

... after a day like yesterday, with all the horrible news from Virginia Tech. I just cannot believe what humans can do to each other. My prayers and my heart go out to those left behind to deal with all the mess, emotional and otherwise. I just ... I don't even know what else I could say. It just cuts me to the core.

So, I've had to bury myself in my craft loft, which hasn't been easy because when I'm blindsided with horrible things like what happened yesterday, it's hard to shift my focus. Fortunately I had a few projects already in the works, so I just finished those, and then today I did do a whole new one, but honestly, it was really hard to get it finished! My brain just did not want to focus.

So, here are the new cards:

This one is Paper Tole and "Pearl Ex Gets Floored" (also called Painted Pearls). Paper Tole is basically where you cut out two or more of the same image and make it three-dimensional to reflect the shape of the real thing. So it's more than just sticking two Doodle Flower images together; for this flower it meant curling the petals downward and then layering the two cutouts. Some Paper Tole is really involved, with all kinds of separate petals, leaves, whatever. I'm not that gifted! lol I painted both the flower and the doodles with an aqua painter filled with Future Floor Finish and then dipped in Pearl Ex. I'm not hugely pleased with how the doodles came out (people like me with shaky hands just cannot paint good lines, no matter if they're curved or straight!), but it's okay enough to show it in public. ;-) I like the effect, I just wish I could control the paintbrush better. All images are Stampin' Up! (I think I got this one watermarked ...)

The background on this one is a technique called "Alcohol Press", which basically involves artistically dropping alcohol inks on acetate, mixing with blender and then brayering around artistically. I don't want to give away too much, because this is a Technique Junkies technique, and really, if you want to know how to do it, you should subscribe! (This is $18US WELL SPENT!! I can't say that enough.) Images are Sunday International and Club Stamp.

This is another TJ technique called "Distress Dragging" -- only I used SU dye inks instead of distress inks. Images are from Chapel Road Art Stamps. I hadn't tried this technique before, and it's a bit of hard work, especially when you have to repeat it four times like I always do, to get four cards.

This is another TJ technique (see how much I love TJ!!!) It's another one that's very hard to do four times in succession, so for now this is the only one. It's the embossing that's hard work, especially for this stencil. My hand kept cramping up! So the technique is called "Embossed Pearls", I think. You're supposed to use dark cardstock, but I don't have a Cuttlebug or similar machine, and I just really haven't gotten the hang of "reverse embossing" where you put the stencil on top of dark cardstock, then lay that over a mousepad and emboss on what will be the back side. Mine didn't turn out well enough defined. So, anyway, I used light colored cardstock, and the Spring Green, Blue/Green Duo and Interference Gold Pearl Ex.

And last, but certainly not least, the one I did today, the exhausting one:

The technique is Alcohol Smoosh (again, TJ), and I used glass beads on the grid image. All stamps are Club Stamp. Cutting out the clear double-sided adhesive to go over the grid (four times) was hard work! But I really like the way it gave some depth and shimmer to the grid.

I find myself using fewer SU stamps lately because of the "can't sell your cards made with SU images in permanent storefronts, including internet storefronts", even though I haven't really begun to do that yet. But I do want to try out Etsy and see how that goes, so I can't use any SU images on cards I sell there.

Well, here's hoping and praying we can all get back to some semblance of normal after yesterday's tragedy. What breaks my heart is knowing that there are many, many other families and loved ones who will never be "normal" again.

Boy, do we need to welcome God back into this country!


Allison said...

Some terrific creations...nice use of techniques!

scrappintrish said...

WOW! These are wonderful!. I get too impatient with my cards I am making and just throw some just together when it starts to make me mad. lol. I really like the first 3. Especially the yellow one with the flowers. Beautiful!