Friday, May 18, 2007

Finally! Mother's Day and Graduation ...

I finally have some pics to show of recent cards I've made! There have been so many things going on (including a sudden obsession with working on a story I've been writing for awhile), that I haven't gotten into the ol' Craft Loft much lately, but with Important Holidays abounding, I have done what I HAD to (thankful for those!)

I still haven't scanned the cards I made my mother and grandmother, but I do have pics of the card I made for my MIL. So, without further ado, here they are ...

So I stamped all the images and then painstakingly cut each one out and mounted them on a 5" x 7" card for a semi-3D effect. I must love my mother-in-law very much to have put in this much work!!

One of my customers "commissioned" a graduation card for her grandson, so I made two different ones so she can choose. (She hasn't seen them yet.) Personally, my favorite is the Swing card, shown here (this one is 5" x 6-1/2"):

I will be teaching the Swing Card technique at my class in June.

And here's the other card, just for good measure (A2 size). I had ordered some graduation-themed stamps from an online company last week (presumably in plenty of time to get them here), but as of today they had not yet arrived, so I had to go to Plan B, since my customer wants the card by Sunday (and I have too much housework to do this weekend to get ready for the arrival of my in-laws for Memorial Day weekend). I ran up to Archiver's (new here in town -- okay store, but horribly expensive, and not the Ultimate Scrapping Store I have envisioned) to see what they had in graduation stamps (I'd seen some there last week). They didn't really have any I liked, so I ended up buying the patterned paper and some rub-ons (and some adhesive, and some Twinks, and ...) So, anyway, this is what I ended up with. It's pretty much CASEd from Splitcoast, but I used a Spray Starch background I already had on hand, and a rub-on instead of the Texas A&M emblem the original had on it.

So that's all I've done lately. Oh, and a scrapbook page, but I'm not thrilled with it, so you don't get to see it. At least not right now.

On the Louis Vuitton/America's Cup front: The Spanish actually beat the Kiwis race-before-last! How dare they! I mean, what was up with that? Fortunately today the Kiwis came back and won, but Desafio Espanol is one determined crew. I have faith in my Kiwis, though -- just stay on the ball, guys!

Luna Rossa (Italians) beat Oracle (USA) AGAIN! And again I say, what is up with that? I mean, I am thrilled to death that Oracle is getting whipped (did I mention I don't like their owner?), but this frightens me a bit, since the Italians are suddenly getting on the program, as it were. Hope that winning streak won't extend to the Finals against New Zealand. (I'm assuming with all my heart that the Kiwis will win the Semis against Spain.) I would love for Oracle to get shut out of the Finals, but those Italians had better not beat my Kiwis!! (Luna Rossa has an Aussie as their skipper, which probably explains why they're getting so good, but Kiwis still rule!) As it stands right now, both New Zealand and Italy are 3-1. The first team to win five against their opponents in the semi-finals goes on to the Finals. And then the winner of that goes on to the actual America's Cup to race against the Swiss "Alinghi" team. In case I haven't explained that before. ;-)

Anyway, that's life in the Scrap Loft these days (and out of it). I sure hope I'll have more time soon to get back up there and do more "for fun" stuff. I have jury duty from June 4-14, so I hope that won't turn into something big and keep me from my loft!

Off to bed ... got TONS of housework to do tomorrow!!


scrappintrish said...

I like your MIL's card. It turned out great. I have seen other people's card's where they have cut the shapes out and put them back on the project, I have never thought of it though. It turned out great. And I love your first Graduation card. It turned out really good!

Aunt T said...

Great cards. Nice job.