Monday, May 14, 2007

I have "arrived" in the blog world -- I've been tagged!

Wow, do I feel "hip" (Aidan would cringe if he saw that word!) -- I've been tagged! Tracy, of the SunnyDelights blog (Sunny Delights) tagged me two posts ago, and now I'm finally around to posting the "Seven Things You [Probably] Don't Know About Me" here, and tag seven other bloggers (do I know seven other bloggers??)

1. Even though my natural hair color is brunette now, I was a strawberry blonde the first three or four years of my life. (I look awful as a strawberry blonde now! Trust me on this.)

2. My earliest voice coaches were the Partridge Family, the Beatles and John Denver. (Okay, not literally, but they're who I sang with all the time, with my hairbrush microphone in front of the mirror.)

3. I played trombone in 7th grade beginner band. [What WAS my band director thinking??? Probably that they needed trombone players.] I switched to baritone/euphonium in 8th grade, but it wasn't much better. Not a very feminine instrument. I quit band before 10th grade and joined the choir!

4. I lived in Gallup, NM for the first year or so of my life (born in El Paso, but moved to Gallup at age 7 weeks.) I don't remember much from that era. ;-)

5. I wore a back brace for five years because I had scoliosis. All the time in 8th grade, then tapering off until just before I graduated high school (got it at the end of 7th grade).

6. I kicked a hole in my parents' bedroom door when I was about six because one of my brothers had locked himself in there with the piano and I wanted to play it. My parents punished him, not me. (Little angel that I was ...)

7. I majored in Radio, TV and Film at North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas) for a whole semester and one day. (I quit after the first day of the second semester).

So now for my victims (mwuhahahahahaha). Go check out their terrific blogs!

Leonie Schroder
Lorie Ames
Nancy of PaperFriendly
Maria Bell
Hetty (Craft Chaos)
Misti Ryal
Gwen Mangelson

Okay, that's done, so off to the craft loft to do some *gasp* SCRAPBOOKING! Heaven help us!

If I can wrangle the mother's day cards I made my mom and grandmother back from them long enough to scan them, I'll post 'em in here next time.


TotallyAddinktive said...

hey Stacy - love your blog and gee thanks for the tag!! lol I was totally blessed by your lovely rak today ... now to think of seven things about me ... ugh ... ok need to concentrate - have a great day - oh and who is Phil Joel? I love Newsboys too and many other christian contemporary group/singers ... hugs in Him, Leonie

Hetty said...

Hello Stacy, it was fun being tagged!! At least it made me look at your wonderful blog and many more!! Hardly any time to eat now!

Nancy Ward said...

Finally got the tagged blogs on my blog tonight. Then I remembered the '7 secrets'...shoot, there's nothing anyone would want to know, so I'll probably not do that! Many thanks again for tagging me.

scrappintrish said...

Hey, Could you get back to me on something, I need help :) When you post a link you have the person's name. When I post a link it comes up like http://www.hfksdfhksf. com but when you post a link it comes up as the person's name and not the person's website.
(Example: I don't want my like that. I want it just say "Stacy's Blog") Do you know what I mean? lol.. Can you help me. If so get back to me! Thanks bunches! :)

Stacy said...

For Leonie -- Phil Joel was one of the Newsboys for 12 years, just left the group (much to my dismay and shock) at the end of last year. He is so awesome! But I digress.

I've got a link to his ministry website "" in the links section of my blog. It's a "Read the Bible Through in One Year" ministry, but with lots of support, and even a fantastic music CD that goes with it.

I'll e-mail you, too, just in case you don't come back to read this ...

Oh, and "guilty admission" time ... I have a crush on Phil's hair.