Monday, May 21, 2007

Louis Vuitton Cup update (no stamping, sorry!) UPDATED P.S. re: Cutty Sark

DANG IT!!! The Kiwis LOST AGAIN to the Spanish! I am seriously thinking I need to make a trip to Valencia, like, in the next five minutes and tell them GET ON THE PROGRAM, BLOKES!!! They could've nailed their spot in the Finals yesterday if they had won, but now they're giving the Spanish all this confidence, and I can only pray (if God has any interest in this ;-) ) that the Kiwis will smack that confidence down tomorrow and win the thing, for Pete's sake!

On a very interesting note, Luna Rossa once again blew Oracle out of the water, and the Americans will NOT be racing the America's Cup this year. The Italians will advance to the finals, Chris Dixon (the skipper of Oracle) will slink home in disgrace and shame, and ... well, we won't know who Luna Rossa will be racing in the finals until THE KIWIS GET THEIR ACT TOGETHER AND WIN TOMORROW!!!

Have I made myself clear, mates?

Whew, I feel better having gotten that off my chest. ;-)

Okay, on to more housecleaning. Spent the whole weekend on it, and the house is STILL a disaster area. I don't know if it will ever be clean enough for my in-laws' visit! And even if it is, all three of us will probably be sick with sinus infections from all the dust we've been sucking down the last couple of days! I'm telling you, I'm a creative person, not a house cleaning whiz. My poor grandmother. I know she can't understand why she didn't pass her house-cleaning-is-life genes on to me.

Nope. Stamping is life. The rest is just details.

Okay, Kiwis, go out there and win one for ... me.

(Added later)

I just read in the news that there was a fire on board the Cutty Sark, the historic old sailing ship that's drydocked in Greenwich, England! I saw a report about it in the New Zealand Herald, and then Bjorn shot me over an e-mail from the BBC website. It's terrible! The picture made me just literally sick!

The Cutty on a good day:

And what she looks like after the fire:


Way back in 1988, when I was in London for a semester (this is where I met Bjorn), we went out to the Cutty Sark and went all over her. She's a very, very special ship to me for kind-of an odd reason. When I was little, my brother Kirk (he was 12) and my dad worked for months on a very elaborate model of the Cutty Sark (Kirk is the one who got me hugely into tall ships when I was a kid), and it was so stunning! The thing was probably almost two feet tall, and had all kinds of intricate rigging and bits on it. Kirk was SO PROUD of that ship! So he very carefully put it on the very top shelf in his bedroom bookcase (one my dad had made) so that nothing bad would happen to it. (You're catching foreshadowing here, right?) Well, one day just a few days after the thing had been completed, Kirk had some friends over. One of them had brought his little brother, and while the older boys were messing around doing whatever, the younger one decided he wanted a closer look at the Cutty. Well, you guessed it, the stupid kid climbed up the bookshelf, and as he pulled on the shelf where the ship sat, the shelf tipped over and the Cutty went crashing to the ground in, like, a jillion pieces. I have never, ever seen anyone look more grief-stricken than my brother. My dad told him that he would be happy to help him rebuild it, but Kirk just didn't have the heart for it after that.

So, I don't know how to explain why, but that just made me want more than anything to see the real Cutty Sark, and to sorta give it Kirk's regards, when we were in England. I truly do love that ship, so this news just makes me as sick as the day Kirk's model died a horrible death.

The good news is, the ship was in restoration, so a lot of the original planking and the masts were in storage, away from the ship. What damage there was can be repaired, but it will take a long time, and cost a lot of money. (If any of you have any money just lying around wanting to be used for a good cause, you can send it to the Cutty Sark Trust in Greenwich ...) There's a chance that this might have been intentionally set. If so, I hope they catch the dirty buggers and hang 'em from the yardarm! (Our pastor preached on mercy yesterday. Clearly I didn't listen well!)

Well, now I need to go out and buy something to make me feel better. At least there are things I NEED to buy for my in-laws' visit!


scrappintrish said...

I feel the same way you do, I think as long as my house is picked up, cobwebs down, vaccumed, and dishes done, what is the sense of cleaning ALL day long. I think there are other more imporant things to be doing instead of just cleaning. (My mom is a cleaning person.) I'm with you though, stampin is so much better! :)

scrappintrish said...

Just read about that ship. That picture is just heartbreaking to look at! If someone did do this on purpose I do hope they are caught!
Thanks for filling me in.