Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Okay, get ready to cover your ears ....


Team New Zealand won today, so now they're in the Finals!!!!!! Yesssssssssss!!! They will now be racing Italy's Luna Rossa in a series of races to see who will go on to challenge the current Americas Cup holder, Alinghi.

The Italians are a determined lot, and they were able to pull off 5 victories to Oracle's 1 in the semi-finals. This is significant, because Oracle was favored to win the Louis Vuitton cup and be the team racing Alinghi in the Americas Cup. Oracle is an awesome team, so for Italy to be able to pretty much wipe them off the map in the semi-finals means that Team New Zealand had better stay on their game and not get sloppy.

Hear that, blokes?

Anyway, I am so thrilled! C'mon, Kiwis, let's do this thing and bring the Cup back to New Zealand, ay? America can have it back some other year.

Go Kiwis! Go Kiwis! Go Kiwis! ...

And here you thought you were going to learn about STAMPING in this blog! I promise I will return to stamping as soon as my in-laws are gone and I have some actual Free Time. (Oh, dang it! I have jury duty coming up June 4! Maybe the case will settle out of court like the last one I was scheduled for did. Please, God? Oh, well, guess I can always take my stamping stuff to wherever it is I have to go to wait ...)

Okay, on to errands and housework and meal planning ... maybe the Kiwis winning will keep me from having a nervous breakdown! (I had actually looked up what it would cost to fly from here to Auckland in case I needed to run away today -- $2000, and I could leave this evening at 6:30! ... tempting, tempting ... what's another $2000 on our credit card, anyway? lol)

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