Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Scrapping for a change!

Well, now that Memorial Day weekend is over and the in-laws are gone (we had a lovely visit, BTW, so all the hard work was worth it!), I actually went into the Loft this morning and scrapped! The page isn't done yet -- we're having air conditioner problems and after awhile it just got too hot up there -- but I'm hoping to have it done by tomorrow. It's about Aidan's "Baby Dedication" when he was four months old. I also have to do a Christening page, since Bjorn's parents wanted Aidan to be Christened in the Lutheran church (which is the state church of Norway). I don't believe that baptism of any kind is what brings a person salvation, but the baby dedication and Christening were ways of saying that we were dedicating Aidan to the Lord, and that we would do our best to rear him in the faith and guide him in his spiritual growth. So far, so good -- he accepted Christ as his savior when he was FOUR! (And very clearly understood what he was doing.) I do realize, of course, that parents are never "out of the woods" on raising their kids ... not until the kids leave home, of course ...

AN-Y-WAY ...
It was good to be up in the loft. This particular scrapbook (Aidan's first six months of life) started out with a "retro" themed look (I love retro), and I've done a pretty good job of sticking with that, but I will admit that sticking to a particular look or style for an entire album isn't easy. I've been giving myself permission to not just be fanatical about it, and I seem to do better when I take that pressure off. The pages pretty much seem to have a retro theme either way. When I'm done with this album (this week? Please, God!), I'm going to start in with my Library of Memories/Stacy Julian way of scrapping -- by category/theme instead of chronological. It will really free me up to do what inspires me at the moment instead of being a slave to a timeline. Chronological just hasn't worked out for me. I get too choked with it, which is why I've always done vacation albums before working on this First Six Months one. It's taken me over a year to get to the point where I feel like there's even hope for finishing this one, because I get so locked up when I'm "forced" with my scrapping. So freedom awaits, just around the corner!

I may work on a several-page LO of one of my nephews next. He's 2-1/2, one of a set of twins, and has this hysterical open-mouthed smile that just shows up picture after picture after picture! I'm going to title the LO "Karl's[cute] Cavern" (a takeoff on Carlsbad Caverns, for those of you who may not have picked up on this right away! lol). It will go in our "People We Love" album. Should be fun!

Alright, the A/C guy is finishing up, so I need to run. Looks like we're going to be looking at a new unit (kiss $3000 goodbye!), but at least he was able to recharge the freon and get it cooling again temporarily. Poor Bjorn. I'm sure he feels like money just runs out of his hands like water.

(Did I mention, BTW, that I bought a Cuttlebug just before the in-laws came? -- I never go back and read what I've recently written before I do an entry, isn't that lame? I am SO EXCITED!!! I also bought ONE embossing folder (figured I was pushing it with the Cuttlebug, even at 40% off!), and had fun trying that out. Today I used it with one of my old QuicKutz dies for the title on my page -- SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier than breaking my hand with the QuicKutz!!)

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