Friday, June 29, 2007


Both my complimentary copy and my box of the new Stampin' Up! catalog came today! And let me just say that I am TOTALLY IMPRESSED with the new catalog! I love the look of it, I love the special little “bits” inside it, I love so many of the stamp sets that my husband is really going to have to keep his eye on me so I don’t run us into deep debt! And the accessories … okay, I’m just swooning here!

Before I go into details about my impressions, let me assure you I don’t get this excited this easily about stamp catalogs. Last year I was actually rather ho-hum about our catalog, and a bit disappointed by how many returning stamp sets there were and the overall “flavor” of what we had. But this year (although I was prepared again to be disappointed by what I had seen in the preview brochure), I am just pumped about what we have to offer!

First of all … the look of the catalog. It is simply beautiful! SU did a marvelous job with it, and the whole feel (the type, the design on the cover, etc.) is very baroque/bohemian chic, which I love! I think it really draws you in, makes you want to see what there is to offer on every page! At the bottom of many pages are ideas for accessories that will coordinate with the stamps on that page, and there are “tips” sprinkled throughout. So I am very pleased with the layout of the catalog.

Next (and most importantly!) … the stamps. I am just in love with so many of these sets! There are several absolutely adorable doodle-style sets and even jumbo wheels! And then there is the whole boho chic thing – SU has taken it a step further in some instances with a new “boho western” style that is just so clever! Even though I’m a Texan, I’m not terribly into Western themes, but these sets transcend the sort-of “hokiness” of the typical “Western” style and makes it lovely and, as I said, clever all at once. LOTS of ideas for those sets! And then just the boho/baroque sets are so gorgeous. This is much more my style than “cute” or “sketchy” – but for those of you who love cute, there are plenty of great sets in here! The “office” look is so “in” right now, and we’ve got that, too – very well done. I already have a few of the sets from the Spring mini, but there are more goodies to be had in this catalog!

Our new In Color colors (which I posted here a few weeks ago) are just awesome, and there is coordinating double-stitched ribbon in each of the colors! That’s a fantastic addition over last year.

Speaking of ribbon … people, the ribbons in this catalog are positively drool-worthy. We have taffeta (3/8” wide), 5/8” grosgrain, sixteen colors of the standard ¼” grosgrain, double-stitched in all the In Colors (as I mentioned), and the good ol’ gingham is back. PLUS there are absolutely yummy new Ribbon Originals packs – Beachfront, District, Fairy Tale, Jersey, Sherbet and Theater.

The new paper choices just rock. So many stunning Designer Originals – lots of the baroque/boho look here, but plenty of other choices, as well. And the new Designer Series that comes in monochromatic packs with two pages each of six double-sided designs. We now have textured 12”x12” cardstock available in assortment packs from each color group, including the In Colors! And I am loving the Scrappin’ Memories sets ﷓﷓ I can’t wait to do a Scrapbook in an Afternoon class now!

And the accessories … we have really got some great stuff here. We have Accents & Elements tins with terrific die-cut stickers, tons of great On Board chipboard offerings, including a new set called “Ginormous Pieces” that have gigantic flowers that are approx. 8-1/2” in diameter! On Board Blossoms & Basics have tons of flowers as well as individual petals and other “bits”. We have terrific new punches, including a new flower, a scallop circle, and photo corners, new Classy Brass templates, a fantastic new kit called “Pretties Kit” with flowers, halfback pearls, clear beads, teardrops and clear rhinestone brads … just all kinds of great stuff that you can keep white or dye with our inks. And, last but not least, we now have rhinestone brads in both square (two sizes) and round (three sizes), in gorgeous color schemes called “Fire” and “Ice”.

So I am just tickled pink with this catalog! (I needed to be, since Team New Zealand lost another race today – had a huge equipment failure with their spinnakers that cost them the race.) And I know all my customers will be, too. There’s just something in there for everybody! Man, how am I ever gonna spread all this out so I don’t end up with a ton of stamps and goodies but no husband? lol

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Well, I spent hours in the craft loft today and this evening and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Well, that's not true ... I have mediocre cards to show for it, and I'm just not okay with "mediocre". So I wasted all that time, effort and all those supplies for not much of anything. Bleah. I hate days like that!!

And no catalog today ... according to the tracking (which isn't "normal" tracking, since we're having to track by a different method than usual for the catalogs), my box won't arrive until Friday. But I ordered two boxes, one of which was shipped, supposedly, two days after the other, and I still just show one box coming on Friday. Don't know what's up with that.

And Alinghi beat Team New Zealand in the fourth race today.

I think I need a hug!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cling and Scrunch from the loft

Spent some time playing in the loft today. Both these cards use the Cling and Scrunch (TJ) technique. I made a whole bunch of backgrounds about a week ago with various media, and I had fun today with two of them.

The first uses Lumiere paints for the "scrunchy" look. This is a very dimensional background, since I spread the paint on kinda thick. The image is from Sparkle-n-Sprinkle stamps, and the sentiment is from The Stampsmith. The card base is supposed to be a light violet (Almost Amethyst, SU), and the roller wheel (also SU) was done with copper ink, but for some reason the colors don't come out that well in the scan.

For the second one, I had a little change of mood. I think I had used dye reinkers on this background. I was in a "fun" mood so I used one of my new stamps from The Stampsmith, and a Stampin' Around Wheel from Stampin' Up! The Stampsmith image is a photo stamp, and they don't scan well -- the weird lines all over are just an artifact of the scan, they're not on the real deal.

So I feel very craftily accomplished this afternoon!

And -- TEAM NEW ZEALAND WON the third race! It was a really scary race -- TNZ was ahead by about 300 meters in the first part of the race, then Alinghi managed to take advantage of the wind to come from behind and get ahead of TNZ (who also had some gear problems to contribute to losing that lead). Then in the last leg of the race TNZ came from behind to comfortably win! Awesomeness! So now TNZ are up 2-1, and I read on the New Zealand Herald today that, since 1871, the team that wins the third race (which in this case was TNZ) has always gone on to win the Cup. I am SO hoping no one breaks that trend this year!

STILL no SU catalog today, but my upline said that she checked some of the various zip codes around here on the UPS site, and someone in town got theirs today. So I hope that means mine will come tomorrow!!!!

And that Team New Zealand wins again tomorrow!!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

A stitch in time ... LOTS of time

Well, I figured a couple of things out today that make me definitely a candidate for the diagnosis of "Early Onset Alzheimer's" ... I've got a scanner sitting here on my desk that's quite capable of scanning things 12 inches long. As in the "x12" part of a 12x12 layout. I don't need to photograph my LOs! I can scan and stitch!! Why it took me the better part of a year to realize this is beyond my ability to comprehend, but, hey, I don't seem to have much ability to comprehend, anyway.

The reason I forgot this (or didn't notice)? The only thing I can think of is that our "main" scanner is one of those all-in-one copier-scanner thingies that only goes to 11-1/2". So I just wrote off scanning LOs when we got it, and never stopped to think that the scanner my dad gave me a year ago for scanning the family slides (um, y'know, I think I need to start doing that! lol) is 12 inches long!! So yes, I've been using it to scan cards all along (it's connected directly to my computer, the other one is only connected to our network and you have to scan from a different computer), but now I can do LOs!!

But this requires a stitching program. So I went online to look for one (pref. a freebie), and the first one I got was ... less than optimal. Plus I think whoever created it has something other than English as their first language. So after messing with that for a half hour or so, I deleted it and went in search of something else. Then I found ArcSoft. And I remembered that my sister-in-law had suggested this, like, a year or more ago. So I downloaded the free trial version of their scrapbook page stitching program, and I'm quite happy with the results! I may have to buy it when the trial runs out.

SO, after messing with that program for awhile and finally figuring it out, here's what I have to show you -- the Reading LO!!

You can click on the images to see them larger.

I'm so happy to have this done! On the StampingScrapbookers Yahoo! group I'm in, we've got a "summer support group" going, for those of us who need encouragement in accomplishing some goals. My goal is to do one layout a week, 1 or 2 pages each, so I succeeded in meeting the first week's goal! On to week 2!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Better Day for Team New Zealand ... and a card pic

Whew!! Good news today on the America's Cup front ... Team New Zealand BEAT Alinghi! They actually came from behind to do it, and did it not by being faster, but by being SMARTER! Alinghi failed to tack closely enough to put TNZ in their "wind shadow" (i.e., that would take away some of TNZ's wind), and then TNZ, knowing that the wind tends to shift on this course late in the afternoon (when they were sailing) managed to take advantage of a shift that came at just the right time, just seconds after Alinghi's less-than-brilliant tack. And then TNZ just held on to their lead like bulldogs and pulled it out with, I believe, a 28-second lead ("delta") at the finish line. GO KIWIS!!! Proud of you, blokes. Now just keep it up!

This was actually a pretty rare thing in America's Cup sailing, to come from behind like this, so I think it proves the Kiwis are determined not to let Alinghi just run right over them the way they did four years ago. The tactician for Alinghi was recorded screaming the "F" word at the spectator boats several times today during the race. It's understandable that the teams were frustrated by the way the spectators were just all over the place, and their boats' wakes were causing problems for the teams, but I just find that reprehensible and tasteless, not to mention rude. Even if the Kiwis had done that, I would say the same thing. I totally lost all respect for the man when I heard about that. He knew he was miked, too, and he said he didn't care, that he was hoping it would be heard and someone would do something about the spectator boats, but that was just beyond "low class" to me. No excuse for that. Kiwis -- at least on Team New Zealand -- now, they have class.

So, anyway, I'm happy now, at least until the next race on Tuesday!

I have had some good playtime in the loft the last couple of days. I finished my "Reading" layout -- changed the title a bit, but it's the same idea. I was going to photograph it when I finished, but Bjorn and Aidan had gone out to the boat, and Bjorn took the camera with him, so I couldn't do it (I prefer photographing the LOs in daylight instead of indoors). I also did some "Reverse Prints" playing -- took some plant leaves out and laid them on watercolor paper, then spritzed with color wash sprays. I got a few good ones. Biggest problem was the color washes pooling up in places and just not looking "spritzed". I did this outside to avoid the overspray problem, and the wind was blowing, so that might have been part of the problem. Anyway, then I pulled out the "Cling and Scrunch" backgrounds I had made a couple of weeks ago and made a card with one of them (well, 3 cards, same background, same design). So here is the card I made. I used the new "Baroque Motifs" set from SU's upcoming Fall/Winter 2007 Collection catalog, and I embossed it with Ranger Distress Embossing Powder. The technique (Cling & Scrunch) is from Technique Junkies:

o ... back tomorrow (I hope) with a pic of the "Reading" layout, and hopefully on to more loftiness! :-)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Memo to the UPS man

This was posted on the SUDemosOnly Yahoo! group by Shannon Harrison:

Here's a little joke one of the demonstrators made up, its a memo to be sent to the UPS drivers by their management: (SUD stands for Stampin UP Demonstrator) I thought it was funny. I found it on SCS, the gal got it from someone last year so I don't know the author.

UPS Memo

To: Drivers and Security

Date: June 20th , 2007

Subject: Crazy Stampin'Up! Ladies

This time of the year has come around once again. Stampin'Up! is releasing the New Idea Book and Catalog. Please be extremely cautious of Stampin' Up! demonstrators (SUDs) for the next two weeks.

Watch out for the following:

1. At the distribution centers, please be on the lookout for SUDs. In the past they have been known to cut fences and sneak inside covered with close to coccoa ink in hopes of blending in with the trucks.

2. The ladies have been known to run after your trucks. If they catch you and ask if you have a "package" for them, be careful with your answer. They do not take "no" for an answer. If you do not have it, just say " I will double check in the back" and turn and run as fast as you can to your truck and drive away. Do not turn back and look, just keep going until you are a safe distance away.

3. They have also been know to drive up next to you at a stop light in their mini vans and SUVs and ask if you have a package for them. Turn up your radio and pretend you cannot hear them. Do not let them approach your delivery truck at an intersection. SUDs have been know to stop traffic and throw all your packages off the trucks until they find their new Idea Book and catalog.

How to Deliver the New Idea Book and Catalog
1. Be sure you have fixed your squeaky brakes, If not - park your truck two blocks away so the SUD can not hear you coming.

2. Put in your earplugs and secure your safety glasses.

3. If you see children looking out the window, put your finger up to your lips and say "SHHHH".. They are on a "lookout" for you and are being paid to "alert" their mothers (SUDs) when they see you coming to the door.

4. Approach the front door and very quietly, set the package down in front of the door (Make sure you place it in FRONT so when she opens the door, the box will be in the way and give you a little more time to escape).

5. Back up as far as you can and reach for the doorbell, (BE READY TO RUN !!!). Ring the doorbell and make a mad dash back to your truck and drive away....DO NOT LOOK BACK !!!

The UPS corporation is informing you of this because in the past years, SUDs have been known to scream at the top of their lungs with excitement and try to tackle you with hugs for delivering their catalogs. After you have been smothered with appreciation for getting them their catalogs on time, watch out for flying packaging material as they will open up the box before you have had a chance to leave , or they have gone inside.

Best of luck to you with this mission, and remember

Let's Be Safe Out There!!!!

Now (Stacy speaking again), I'm not this bad ... I have far too much dignity to throw my arms around a strange man and give him hugs (unless it's Phil Joel, and I don't consider him to be a stranger ... strange, maybe, in a very adorable long-haired Kiwi bloke sort of way ...but I digress...). Well, okay, maybe it's not "dignity", per se. Aidan would not ever use the word "dignified" to describe his mother, and in this case, he would be accurate. But ... I must say I will be very happy when Mr. Brown shows up at my door with my catty!!

Now the bad news ... Alinghi won. Yes, it makes me nauseous just to type the words, but they did *ahem* b-e-a-t the Kiwis in the first race of the America's Cup today.


I actually started work on a layout tonight! It's from my "reading" subcategory -- we have tons of pictures of people (mostly Aidan) reading, so I've started a multi-page layout about it. Tonight I started the first 2 pages, to be titled "The Best Way to Learn How to READ ... is to have people read to you. A LOT!" Obviously these are mostly pics of Aidan sitting with folks who are reading to him, and mostly they're baby pics, with one or two older ones. Aidan could read simple words at age 3, partly because we read to him all the time, and partly because he watched Sesame Street every day. So ya gotta record that kind of thing, ya know?

Okay ... waiting on a batch of spelt bread to be done in the bread machine. I'm allergic to wheat, so spelt is about the only kind of bread I can have. My dad gave us his old bread maker about a month ago, and I only just found a decent bread machine recipe for spelt bread. The last two batches I made didn't rise well (I was trying to go by the "whole wheat" recipe in the bread machine booklet), but I'm trying a new recipe tonight, and it's risen beautifully! Now if it will only NOT fall!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Someone in California got her new SU Catalog!!

And posted the scoop for us demos on Splitcoaststampers! (In the demos only forum -- sorry!)

It was a little hard to get a good picture of what will be in there, but it sounds like loads of good stuff!! She posted a list of all the sets from the past year's mini catalogs and listed what did and did not make it into the new catalog. A few of the YAY qualifiers are:

Carte Postale
Doodle This (but NOT Doodle That)
French Flair
Office Accoutrement (plus both the Spiral and Rounded Tab punches!)
Polka Dots & Paisley
Polka Dots & Petals

I am SO thrilled that those will be in the catty! They're some of my favorite sets (Okay, I haven't used Office Accoutrement all that much, but I have been wanting to), and I'm so glad I'll be able to demo them all season!!

I was bummed that Best Bar Codes didn't make the cut -- I think it's a really cute set. But they could only put in a couple from the Spring Mini, so I'm really glad they chose what they did. I was surprised that the Doodle Alphabet didn't make it, either. Since doodles are so "in", I figured it would ...

Anyway, I'm thinking, from her descriptions of things, that there is still hope for SU, and that I will like this catalog, after all!

I would have had two swap cards that I made to post here, except that I sent them off without scanning them! I have the prototypes, but they aren't as good as the final design, so ... guess I'll have to make a couple more (as if I wasn't already sick to death of them!)

Hey, don't know if you've noticed, but I've got a couple of new "features" in my sidebar. One is a link to a website where you can donate money to help fight violence against women in Africa (very important cause, IMHO). Another is a link to a terrific devotional called "Our Daily Bread". You can also subscribe to my blog over there if you want to. Check it all out!

Also, I have begun a list of some other blogs that I visit, so now you can go check them out, too! (If you have a blog and you'd like to be listed in my, um, list, then let me know!)

WELL, I know you've all been thrilled not to have to hear about the America's Cup for a couple of weeks, but all that ends tomorrow morning. The Real Deal ... the race for the cup itself ... starts up tomorrow, Emirates Team New Zealand (YAY!! Cheers!! General supportiveness!!) vs. the Swiss' Alinghi (BOOOOO! HISSSSS! General dark thoughts!) GO KIWIS!! You've gotta bring home the cup, mates. Don't let those arrogant Euro-centric Swiss get one little toenail's worth of a grip on that cup!!

One other NSR note: I went to my doc today about my headaches. She did a blood test to check for a specific hormone (can't think what it is right now, starts with a "p" and has to do with the pituitary gland). If that comes back problematic, then she'll want to run a specific MRI that looks at that problem. If it doesn't, she said she still may want to run a general MRI, just to rule out anything "of concern". She did some "mechanical" tests on me today for neurological problems, and she said I passed with flying colors, so no worries in that area. She also said I might be suffering from rebound headaches from taking too much pain med, so she wants me to lay off the pain meds if at all possible for the next two to three weeks (ACK!!). And then if nothing else, she'll put me on Topomax, which is a preventative medication that I would take every day to keep the headaches at bay. One potential side effect -- weight loss. Um, maybe I need to start this med right now! ... lol

Okay, I'm really worn, so I'm off to bed. Hopefully I can get some stampin/scrapping done this weekend, and will post here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

(Re)Tiring Accessories

This has been a long day! The Retiring Accessories list came out this morning, and there has been the usual chaos, confusion and consternation all over the SU world (well, in the US, anyway). I think part of the problem has been that there are things that aren’t “retiring”, but will be repackaged or reconfigured in some way, and that has people freaking out because we aren’t sure HOW they’ll be changed, or in WHAT way. I love SU, but I really wish they would be a little more clear in their explanations of these things … or at least let us demos have our catalogs BEFORE they come out with the retiring lists, so we’d know how to explain things to our customers!

But, now, how about a little cheese with that whine? (Sorry, Leonie, I know I’ve already used that line on you once today! lol)

Anyhow, contact me if you want to see the list. And this is a “limited supply, once they’re gone, they’re gone” sort of deal, so if you’re one of my customers and want to grab something before it’s gone, please do it fast!!

This has been another headache day. I think it’s because I spent several hours slaving over a 25 card-front swap yesterday and this morning, and it aggravated that neck-nerve issue I have. So I managed to finish the swap, get it out in the mail along with another one I had already finished, and also mail two catalogs to new customers! Then I went home, took a Neurontin and crashed into the bed. And I’m “fixin’” to go take another one. I’m thinking a nerve block sounds good at this point.

I want to STAMP!! I’ve got all kinds of lovely stamps upstairs waiting for me to play with them, and we got a new air conditioner today so it’s nice and cool up there … oh, well, maybe tomorrow. Aidan and I had to postpone our reading auditions for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic today so we could be here for the A/C guys. It’s a good thing, I think. Hopefully tomorrow (when we’re rescheduled) I’ll be all better and can read coherently. Of course, no telling what the meds will do … they may mark me down as an *ahem* “Creative Reader”! lol It will be fun, though, and we can’t wait to get to do actual reading instead of just running the recording program for other readers.

Okay, brain is exploding, gotta run … but be sure you order those accessories you want before they’re gone, either from me or, if I’m not your demo, then from your own demo, okie dokie?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Card Recipe -- Paisley Pearl Petals

Okay, I totally made up that name, but I had to call it something! This is a card that "came to me in a vision" when I woke up from a nap yesterday. (Yes, I'm serious -- I woke up and there it was in my head.) I played with it last night, and got this, but it was really a pain to do, and I didn't like that I had to use a craft knife to get the recessed petals. It's ultra-thick, too, with so many layers of CS. But it is kinda cool, in an Aztec sort of way:

I'm not incredibly good at "visualizing" how a completely made-up-by-me card is going to look the first time around, so the Aztec one was the "first draft", so to speak.

But this morning I was determined to give it a second try, so here it is, and may I say that I definitely like this one better! However, I HATE cutting things freehand. I really wish someone would magically come up with a punch or Cuttlebug die that would cut these out for me!

So here is the recipe for Paisley Pearl Petals:

Supplies (all Stampin' Up! except the circle cutter):

Paisley background stamp
Versamark ink pad
Pearl Ex (Super Copper, Misty Lavender, Interference Violet, Blue/Green Combo)
Stippling brushes (or any stiff, round brush, approx 1/2" diameter)
Swiffer cloth
Hairspray or other fixative
Elegant Eggplant cardstock -- 8-1/2" x 5-1/2", folded in half to 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" (A2 size)
Basic Black cardstock
Brushed Copper Metallic cardstock
Circle cutter
Adhesive of choice

1. Stamp the Elegant Eggplant card base with the Paisley background stamp using Versamark ink. Set aside.

2. Stamp the Paisley background stamp in Versamark on the Basic Black cardstock twice (two separate images).

3. Using the stiff stipple brushes, brush the Pearl Ex powders in the order given onto the Versamarked Paisley images on the Basic Black cardstock. I did mine on a diagonal, a bit like a straight rainbow.

4. Using the Swiffer cloth, wipe off excess Pearl Ex. At this point I also highly recommend Swiffering your work surface AND the back of your Pearl Ex'ed cardstock!

5. Seal the Pearl Ex'ed images with the hairspray or other fixative. Let dry. (Hairspray only takes about a minute before you can handle it.)

6. Using a circle cutter, cut a 3-1/2" circle out of one of the Pearl Ex Paisley panels. Cut the circle into eight equal pie pieces.

7. Round the tops of the pie pieces. (I tried using a corner rounder on a sample pie piece and it came out perfect when I clipped the corners once, then did it again. However, I never could get another perfect petal, so I just used the sample piece as a template to cut the corners on the paisley pie pieces.)

8. Mat the best six of the pie pieces on Brushed Copper cardstock. Cut a 3" cirlce from Basic Black cardstock. Mount the petals to the black circle so that the edges of the petals are touching. They should look like the NBC peacock. Trim around the outside edges so that the black cardstock is matting the "peacock". Set aside.

9. Cut out two 2-1/2" long petals from the Pearl Ex'ed paisley. (I downloaded a template for a fan "petal" from Mirkwood Designs -- click on the name and it will take you right there -- and I resized it in Microsoft Word.)

10. Cut out a 3-1/4" petal from the Pearl Ex'ed paisley. Mat this and the 2-1/2" petals on Brushed Copper and then again on Basic Black. (This was the part I hated, having to cut all this stuff freehand!)

11. Using the circle cutter, cut a 3-3/4" circle from the Brushed Copper cardstock. Then cut a 4" circle from Basic Black.

12. Mat the Brushed Copper circle on the Basic Black -- I did mine assymetrically, layering the bottom of the circles at about 1/16". Adhere the circles to the Elegant Eggplant card base, approximately 1/8" from the top.

13. Determine the center of the matted circles. Mount the 2-1/2" petals so that the top center of each is approximately 1/2" down from center, and 5/7" from the outside of the circle (the black part). Angle the bottom outside edges of the petals so that they are close to the edge of the card base. (These measures are approximate. I eyeballed mine.)

14. Mount the "peacock" onto the Copper and Black circle. Make sure the point where the petals meet on the "peacock" is at the center of the circle. The outer edges of the petals will overlap the edges of the circle.

15. Mount the large petal to the front middle of the card, making sure the top is centered on the "peacock circle".

16. Cut two triangles from the corner edges of the Pearl Ex Paisley scrap piece (the one left over from cutting the circle is what I used). Round the bottoms of the pieces (I used a 3" circle punch -- non SU.) Mount them in the upper right and left corners of the card.

17. Pat yourself on the back and go eat some chocolate for having gotten through this without throwing something through the window, or kicking the cat!

I'm thinking about submitting this to one of the Rubber Stamping magazines, but I really hate the thought of having to SEND IT IN!! I really should do a "more perfect" one to submit -- my hands were shaky this morning (it's the medications ;-) ), so I didn't do the hottest job on cutting!

Okay -- you deserve a chocolate fish if you've read through this all the way to the end! (I think that's a New Zealand saying -- it was in the book "Sisterchicks Down Under", anyway). If you want a chocolate fish (they're marshmallow inside), contact your nearest friendly Kiwi and find out how to get one!

I don't think I'll win any prizes for "effecient card recipe writer", but I hope these instructions make sense! Good luck if you try it!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Two for Father's Day

Well, I finally got around to realizing Father's Day is tomorrow. I mean, I knew this already (we even took Bjorn out to eat for lunch yesterday, to count for his Father's Day gift -- he doesn't want us to spend any extra money, roll eyes). But I think it took me until today to realize I needed to get on the ball and make cards for my Dad and for Bjorn. So I spent a large chunk of the day in the craft loft, making not only those two cards, but whittling away at the three swaps I’ve got to do over the course of this coming week. I “finished” one, except for the card recipe, but I’m not sure it’s really finished. I decided to let it sit for a day or so to “cook” and see if any ideas come to mind on what to add, if anything. I won’t show it here, in case anyone who’s participating in this swap chances to take a look at my blog.

I also spent part of my craft loft time (both today and last night) cutting out and mounting all the awesome stamps I got from the Stampsmith. Finally got them done, and then couldn’t resist using two of them for the Father’s Day cards. So here they are:

First one is for my dad. I used the cheerleader from the “Those Were the Days” sheet, as well as an image that I think is from Paper Candy (the clock), and the letters are SU. The technique is Modern Grid (TJ).

And the one for Bjorn – I used the Mono Mosaic technique (also TJ) on this one. The central image is from The Stampsmith’s “Thank Heaven for Little Boys” sheet; the Chess image stamp is from Above the Mark; all other images are Club Stamp. I decided to break from the “mono” part a little to make the card base Tempting Turquoise so that it wouldn’t just die of brown-ness. That’s why I added the buttons, too.

Other than that, not much going on. Well, I’ve been writing a lot, which is why I haven’t been in the craft loft as much as some days. But now that I’ve got all these awesome Stampsmith stamps to play with, that may change a bit!

On a non-stamping/scrapping note, it was sad to hear of the passing of Ruth Bell Graham, Billy Graham’s wife. Of course, she’s finally “graduated”, as my pastor would say, and she’s definitely having an awesome “welcome home” party up there, no doubt! But she was such an icon, especially in my family. My mom used to read to us from her Family Christmas book when we were kids, and she’s always just kind-of held a special place in my heart. So I know the world will miss her, not to mention her family. I sure hope (selfishly) that we get to keep Billy around awhile longer. He has always been such a breath of fresh air in the “TV Evangelist” realm – no begging for money, no self-promotion, no dramatic “I need your money now or God’s going to call me home” ridiculousness. Billy Graham has just always “preached Christ, and Him crucified,” as the Apostle Paul said. He stands firm in his faith, but he blessedly doesn’t make a circus out of it. Thanks so much, God, for Billy and what he’s done for so many millions of people in his lifetime, pointing them to You!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Semi-mirrored Tile card

Got a few minutes (okay, a couple of hours) to play in the loft tonight. I spent a great deal of time making backgrounds with the TJ "Cling and Scrunch" technique. (Oops -- I need to run up there and take the plastic wrap off them!!) When I got through I decided to make a card, so I found the "Mirrored Tile" project I had downloaded from Not Just Stamping e-mag (check it out here -- another one y'all need to invest in!!). I didn't have the stamp they used (a medieval tile stamp from The Stampsmith), so I used one of the Delft Tiles I bought awhile back from ... um ... Impression Obsession, I think. This technique uses Perfect Pearls (which I don't have, so I used Pearl Ex and just sealed it with hairspray), and it really shimmers IRL.

The "cherish" word is from one of Stampin' Up!'s new sets (Baroque Motifs -- just gorgeous set!). Everything except the tile stamp is from SU. The colors, of course, did not come out quite the same as in real life -- the purple is supposed to be Lavender Lace. The bit that looks like cork is really copper metallic paper. But you get the drift.

I also spent some time this afternoon working on a couple of my swaps. I'm not at all happy with what I came up with. A couple of them were supposed to use some of the new paper from the Preview Brochure, but I didn't have enough of it, and I discovered that it isn't only the stamp sets that you can only buy one of from this brochure! It wouldn't let me order any because I had already purchased a pack with my last order. Now, I can use a similar design from the same pack, but ... I d'know, I may just end up trying something else. Funny how I could get inspired tonight to do a fairly complicated card for fun, but try to sit down and come up with a simple card swap, and no dice. Yeesh!

Well, it's late, got lots of stuff to do tomorrow, so I'd better be off to bed.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Awesomeness!! I am a WINNER!! **Updated with project pics**

**For anyone who's already read today's entry, I've updated it this evening with some card project pictures, so skip down to the bottom if you're one of those folks**

I am so PSYCHED! Awhile back I received an e-mail from The Stampsmith ( and they were having a raffle to raise money for the owner's Little League team to go to compete at Cooperstown. The prize was four full sheets of rubber stamps -- and the winner got to choose which sets they wanted. I bought two "tickets" -- and I WON!! I am FLOORED!! I never win anything like this! And I LOVE their sets, so it was a tough choice!

They honestly have the coolest sets -- a bunch of them are photo stamps from "times past" -- the 20s, late Victorian/Edwardian, and some that are more recent (like, from the 50s). They have sets of photo stamps of famous movie stars of the past, too. And they have other really eclectic things -- cigar labels, fruit crate labels, "Australiana", stamp images taken from drawings/paintings (i.e., there's a set I have of "Shakespeare Heroines" that looks like drawings of actresses -- or maybe just what the artist thought they would look like), a couple of quotes pages (Shakespeare, and then some just "random" sayings) ... honestly, y'all all need to go over there and check them out. And, no, I am NOT plugging them at the owner's request. I just really think they have awesome stuff. And the owner -- Estelle Lander Smith -- is just the nicest person. We've had several very pleasant e-mail exchanges.

Anyway, I am just so dadgum excited about this!! With as many awesome stamps as I'll have, I'll be stamping into my 90s!!

Otherwise -- I've had ANOTHER migraine today, but fortunately this time the meds beat it back down. I'm fairly loopy at the moment, though! And I've got a class to prepare for this weekend, plus THREE DIFFERENT swaps I signed up for (what was I thinking?) for a total of 57 cards, and they're due the 22nd, 26th and 27th! And, of course, I am completely at a loss for inspiration about them. Guess I need to be surfing Splitcoast -- but I don't want to CASE or even "cardlift" -- I want to be original. Well, we'll see. Sometimes you're original, sometimes you just need to get the job done!

Well, dinner awaits. I'm making pre-fabbed Cordon Bleu (i.e., somebody else made it and cooked it, and I'm heating it in the oven!), with microwaved frozen veggies. Yes, indeed, folks, I am a gourmet cook extraordinaire! (At least I feel up to "cooking" tonight! Wasn't sure when that migraine was laying me low.) Oh, well, at least it's Aidan's favorite meal!

The oven and microwave await ...

I had some time to play in the loft tonight, and since my migraine was better, decided I'd do just that! Some of the cards I'm going to post I had already done (well, the Accordion Pop Up card -- I think that's what it's called -- it's a technique from SCS -- I did this morning before the migraine, and I'd started work on the Venetian Blind one before then, too.) These are "practice projects" for my class on Saturday night. I haven't decided between the Accordion Pop Up and a regular Pop Up card ... probably do the regular, in the interest of saving time. And I'll do a shaker card, too, but I don't have any foam tape at the moment.

So here they are -- if you'd like to see the images larger, just click on them. All images are copyright Stampin' Up!, since they're practice for my class:

1) The Accordion Pop Up card -- this one was actually super easy, but it turned out a bit bulky ... don't know if that's my fault or the way the technique just is. Here's the link to the tutorial, if you want to know how to do it. (Just click on the word "tutorial", it should take you there.)

(Let me say right now that I have no idea why these pictures aren't lining up the way I told blogger to do them ... life is so hard for the bloggerly challenged!)

Now for the Venetian Blind card. I really love this technique -- but it is a little "patience challenging" to thread the ribbon all those times! This is a Technique Junkies tech, so I can't tell you how to do it, but if you go over to, you can subscribe to the newsletter and get this and tons of other great techniques both delivered to your doorstep AND online!

And here we have the "regular" pop-up type card. I was mildly inspired with the front of it, but by the time I got to the inside I kinda wimped out. What it really needs is a tropical diorama back there, but I don't have the stamps for that, and I was beginning to wear out. Again, I got this from Technique Junkies, but it's a fairly common technique, so you should be able to google "pop up card tutorial" and find out how to do it:

And last, but definitely not least, is a "Flap Fold" card -- also a TJ technique. The hardest part for me was choosing the colors and trying to visualize how they would work together. So the color combo for this is kinda ... different (it's SU's new 2008 "In Color" colors -- Wild Wasabi and Groovy Guava -- with good ol' Blush Blossom thrown into the mix. The stamp set is one of the new Level 2 Hostess sets that hostesses will be able to earn once the new catalog comes out (on July 1!!!):

The card isn't really this warped ... I just decided to photograph it instead of scanning (to keep the glitter off my scanner!), and I never have luck getting photos of square/rectangular things to come out nice and straight!

Oh, BTW, I got a look at a few more of the goodies coming out in the new Fall/Winter 2007 Catalog, and I am starting to get excited!! Cool stamp sets, fabric flowers (YES!!), half-pearl brads, double-stitched ribbon in the new In Color colors ... it's gonna be good, folks! Start saving your money -- July will be here before you know it!

Okay, off to bed -- hope you enjoyed looking at the pics. PLEASE leave a comment if you stuck with me all the way through this rather lengthy blog entry and enjoyed the pictures.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

More LO pics ...

Well, today I finally got around to going outside and photographing the LOs in my FINALLY FINISHED (mostly) Aidan's First Six Months album. The photos of the LOs are at least in focus and not grainy, but they still have that slightly warped look that I can't seem to overcome when photographing something that's supposed to be flat and straight.

SO ...

I decided not to care. After all, they're just meant to be "backups" in case, God forbid, something should ever happen to the original album. And, yes, I'll also post a few here and there, but I figure y'all can be forgiving -- as long as you keep in mind that the original LO pages are NOT warped, curved or weird in any way!

Here are a couple I'll share with you today. If you click on the pictures, it will bring them up larger so you can see more detail.

First, the "Aidan and Mom" page (one of my favorites, of course!)

And here is the page about Aidan and his cousins, which really showcases the Retro look I was going for in this album:

The big sign in the middle with the word "Cousins" on it is paper piecing -- I found an image online of an old sign from the early 60s, put it into Photoshop Elements and just traced out the basic lines of it. Then I made a template of it, and cut the various pieces to make the sign.

It's been fun to do the retro look, but I think, in future, I won't try to stick with one style like that for a whole album. Some days it was just really hard to get into the "look", and I wished I could just do whatever came to mind instead of trying to make everything fit. And in all honesty, there were a few pages where I said, "Oh, who cares?" and did what I wanted to ... but mostly I did try to stick with the theme.

I realized after finishing this that I didn't have good pages about Aidan's other grandparents (Bjorn's folks), and I felt really bad about it! But the truth is, my folks were around him a lot more those first six months (my mom spent six weeks with us after he was born, my dad was here for two weeks of that, and we went out to their place for Thanksgiving. By contrast, we were only around Bjorn's family at Christmas (not their fault, it was just how things worked out). So I'll make special pages for them in our "People We Love" album. We do love them!

Okay, off to make pre-fabbed Cheese Enchiladas (convenience food is so ... convenient! But I think I'm losing my ability to cook from scratch!) Yum!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Seiern er vaar, Seiern er vaar ... oops, that's Norwegian

Translation: Victory is ours!! The Kiwis sewed up the Louis Vuitton Cup finals today, with a complete whitewash of Luna Rossa. The final "score" was 5-0. In all honesty, I feel a bit sorry for Luna Rossa, and wish they could have won ONE race (no more, of course), but it is what it is, and now Team New Zealand advances to the America's Cup race against the Swiss "Alinghi", who are the dirty rotten buggers who took it from them four years ago. So, c'mon Kiwis -- time to Bring It Home!!!

(this is such a cool picture!)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled stamping stuff ...

A couple of days ago I got to play in the loft again (yesterday I was knocked out with another migraine ... still have a lesser version of it today). My color theme turned out to be teal/turquoise/green (for some reason I am loving this combo lately). Very summery.

So the first one I made was using the "Acrylic Gesso Wash" technique from the new Technique Junkies newsletter (again, I urge you to rush right out to and sign up!!). The technique really only calls for one color of Sponge Daubers, but I had to go all out and use three! (I couldn't choose just one!) So, since it looked all sea-ish, I decided to use some of my Kiwi Impressionz sea-themed stamps. I stamped them in Staz-On on an acetate sheet, then "washed" over the back with Pearl White and Turquoise Lumiere. "Kia Ora" is the Maori way of saying "hello" (they're the native New Zealanders). Alpha stamps are, I think, Stampabilities Clear.

Then I used a previously-done Lumiere Cream background with the same color scheme, and decided to make a summery card with an Adirondack Chairs stamp I bought from ... I think it was River City Rubber Works, but my memory could be faulty here (the stamp is up in the craft loft and I'm too headachy to run up there to see). I do know the word stamp is Club Stamp. Anyway, I used the TJ "Ink Wash with Markers" technique on the chairs. I made two different styles of the card, so here they are:

I am SO happy to be back in that loft! It totally stunk that I couldn't do anything crafty yesterday. I did manage to finish the journaling of Aidan's birth for his 1st Six Months scrapbook, but then the headache really set in and I couldn't make the scrapbook pages for it to go on (yes, it will take 1-1/2 12x12 pages to hold this story!) My mother-in-law did get back to me on who the Christening gown originally belonged to, so now I can finish that block as well and then be DONE with it!!! Yea!!!!!!!!

When my headache is GONE and I can stand going out in the daylight, I'm going to photograph the pages (our scanner is too small to use on 12x12 -- we're talking, it's an 8-1/2 x 11 scanning bed, so stitching would be ridiculously time-consuming). I also want to photograph the scrapbook I made for my granny a couple of years ago that I have mentioned on the Stamping Scrapbookers Yahoo group I'm on. It's pictures of her and her friends as teenagers in the 1920s. She didn't want to keep them, so I scrapped them, and then she totally loved them!! So I want to do that, too, and post some of the page pictures here.

Okay! I need to go get in the shower and wash off this migraine! (I wish!)

Oh! I got my Scor-Pal in the mail today! It's like a Scor-It only it was cheaper because they were taking pre-orders. Anyway, I want to go play with it, but the head needs a little more rest. (Are you tired of me talking about my headache yet? lol)

Enjoy your day, wherever you are!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kiwis win again! And I have cards to show off!

The Kiwis absolutely blew past Luna Rossa today to win their third race in the Finals by a very comfortable margin (200 meters or so, I think). That's three down, just two more to go to win the Louis Vuitton Cup and advance to the Americas Cup to race against Alinghi to bring the cup home to Auckland. I'm not going to relax here, though. As I've said before, anything can happen, and I doubt Luna Rossa is going to take this lying down, so the blokes had better stay on track. I read in the New Zealand Herald today that the philosophy of the team is "steady as she goes" -- i.e., they're going to keep their emotions in check and just stick to the task at hand, one day, one race at a time. Good onya, mates. Just make sure that translates into two more wins, and then complete and utter destruction of Alinghi's hopes!

Okay, back to stamping. The PMS from you-know-where continues today, but that actually was good for my creativity. Partly because no one wanted to be around me, so I just isolated myself in my craft loft and set to work. I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of the new Technique Junkies techniques, so I started with the first one, Faux Flocking. It's a really cool little technique involving Vanilla Craft ink and some randomly sprinkled embossing powder. Oh, and a crimper (don't get me started on crimpers -- we do NOT have a good working relationship. Crooked every stinkin' time, but at least three out of the four panels I made turned out acceptable). I love the way this technique really lends itself to Victorian-themed cards. So here it is -- stamps are Stampin' Up! and Oxford Impressions:

The other card I made was one I had actually started a couple of nights ago, but didn't get very far on. I was trying out making a flower frame with my SU slit punch (I thought I had the tutorial on hand, but can't seem to find it. When I do I'll post it here -- it's on someone else's blog.) I didn't have the greatest success getting the petals to come out even, and almost threw this out, but since I wanted to play with the CTMH butterflies I'd gotten from Christi Milliken, I decided to cut the butterflies out, make them 3-D and then conveniently stick one where its "tail" would cover up the gap between the last petal and the first. And then I fell in love with the way the butterflies looked 3-D'ed like that, and next thing I knew, I had a card I really liked! Also, the background behind the frame and beneath it is another TJ technique called "Ragging" that I did awhile back and hadn't yet found a worthy use for. So here it is:

So, finally, I'm somewhat back in the saddle!

WOW -- looks like we are about to get a WHOPPER of a thunderstorm. Our NOAA Weather/All Hazards radio just keeps going off with alerts -- watches, flood warnings, thunderstorm warnings. So maybe I'd better get ready to shut this thing down if the lightning gets too bad. (I'll bet my Max kitty is already under the bed!)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

FINALLY! A LO pic or two!

First, let me just get this out of the way: Team New Zealand has won the first two races of the Louis Vuitton Cup finals!! WoooooooHooooooo! Of course, I'm not relaxing yet -- as they say all the time in yachting, "Anything can happen." But at least they're not giving me an ulcer to start with! Go Kiwis!!!

Second, I have PMS from h*ll. I have not been a nice person to be around the last couple of days, and let me just add this: Technology and PMS do NOT mix. Trust me on this. Or ask my husband (and pray for him, since he's married to me!)

Third, I have ALMOST finished my Aidan's First Six Months scrapbook! Yaaaaaaaaay! I thought I HAD finished, but then I remembered that I still had to finish the journaling on one page, and I hadn't actually written out his birth story, so I guess that might be important, huh?

But I do have some photos to show you! I will apologize in advance because they're not the best quality in the world. I guess I need to take the LO pages outside tomorrow and photograph them in diffused sunlight to get better images. Indoors at night -- not good.

Anywho, here they are:

My in-laws, who aren't really church-goers, still wanted us to have Aidan "baptized" in the Lutheran Church, which is the state church of Norway. (I prefer the word "Christened", since my belief is that true baptism happens after a person accepts Christ as Savior, and then is baptized in obedience to Him and to make their faith public.) So we had him Christened at King of Glory Lutheran Church in Tempe. It was a really beautiful ceremony, testifying that we agreed to raise Aidan with Christian principles (a big thing for Bjorn since he wasn't a believer at the time).

I sang a song for Aidan during the ceremony. It was one I had listened to quite a bit on an album by Debby Boone (yes, THAT Debby Boone, and let me just say that it was a great album!) years before, and it was just perfect for this occasion. (I think if you click on the picture, it will bring it up larger and you can make out the words.)

This was our Lamaze Class reunion. This really shows the "retro" style I was trying to stick with throughout this album.

The Baby Dedication page didn't photograph well, so I'll post it when I get a better photo.

I got my June/July "Technique Junkies" newsletter in the mail today, so I hope I get some time to play soon!

Okay, Aidan wants to go to bed, so I'd better get this posted and get up there to tell him goodnight. Ugh. I need to just go to bed until I get this PMS over with, but I have to sing in church tomorrow, and then I have the Jury Duty Thing on Monday. Grrrrrrr.

Friday, June 01, 2007

More information from Linda ...

Okay, it's still morning (9:30 here), so I haven't had a chance to photograph my LO -- I WILL DO IT! I promise! In just moments! (Well, or so ...)

In the meantime, Linda has looked at my entry for yesterday (at my request) and has given me a bit more information about the photos, so here's what she said:

"The LOVE canvas is different than the one with my girls picture on it. These are 2 different canvases ... the other canvas (LOVE) doesn’t have a picture with the completed pictures on it, b/c I put all the pictures on it and then mailed it off to get it to this workshop I created it for...

Also the LOVE one is just with adhesive adhered and the bigger one with the girls is a 16 x 20 canvas and the papers are modge podged on. The flower etc is hand cut out of the base paper and then I layered it on just like Paper Toille – so really combined a couple of loves. Yes, before you ask, the ribbon is also modged podged on as well..."

And now, even better, are her step-by-step instructions! (Linda, you're a sweetie to share this!!) This is for the LOVE canvas:

Linda’s Leading Ladies - Altered Canvas (products are CTMH unless otherwise noted)

o White Daisy Stamp Pad
o White Daisy Ink Pen
o Spring Harmony Inks, Markers (Amethyst, Baby Pink, Heavenly Blue, Key Lime, Sunkiss Yellow, Taffy)
o Corner rounder
o Double Scrubber & Spritzer
o Sponge Dauber
o Acrylic Blocks (2x3.5, 4x4, 4.5 x 6.5) –
o Ruler
o Paper cutter
o Embossing gun (for the ribbon ends)
o Adhesive
o Scissors

Canvas – purchased @ $ store
Spring Harmony Cardstock -
One 12x12 B&T – Sweet Harmony – flowered print
One 12x12 B&T – Sweet Harmony – Diamond Patterned
White daisy Grosgrain Ribbon – approx 48” to go around canvas
White daisy Organza Ribbon – 18”
Pop dots/foam dots
Liquid glass
Photo Hangers –
Blush polka dot ribbon – 10”
Gold brads – 3
Stickstock Linen -
White hemp
Amethyst Ink Pad
Rustic Alphabet–
Playful Flourishes -
Friendship Flowers –

- Glitter on flowers –
- Metal Flowers – I punched out some in gold, silver & blue
- sanding block to use to distress your CS
- sponge paint brushes as well
- Mini Glue dots
- Dragonfly instructions, beads, wire
- Rhinestone Connection Club rewards -
- Brushes and paint for canvas
- Magnets

To Do:
1. Paint canvas
2. While canvas is drying, take Rustic Alphabet stamp and stamp LOVE in white (different CS for each letter)
3. cut out each letter
4. Using “Harmony” colors, ink the edges of your cut-out letters to give a distressed effect. You can drag the letters in the stamp pad or run the edge of your marker along the edge of the letter.
5. Cut your Flowered B&T into 10x 10 (keep the extra) – you may want to cut out flower and paper piece later
6. Cut your Diamond B&T into 5x10 (you will need a piece of this 2” wide by 7.5” Long)
7. Cut Sunkiss Yellow CS – one strip that is 2.5” high x 6” long
8. Also cut a 6x8 piece to be used a little further down for photo mat
9. Canvas should now be dry.
10. Adhere white grosgrain ribbon around outside edge of canvas
11. Then turn your canvas over and put Photo Hangers into back of canvas (I just pushed mine through)
12. On your Yellow strip of CS you just cut, please stamp some doodling, flowers, etc onto this.
13. distress your edges of the yellow cs and then corner round
14. Take your “LOVE” letters and use pop dots – this will give dimension. Adhere the letters to yellow CS
15. Adhere your B&T pages onto the canvas using your adhesive
16. where the seam of the papers meet – take your Polka Dot Ribbon (10”) and adhere to the paper
17. Take a Flower Stamp and ink it in Amethyst and then stamp on Linen
18. Cut out your flower (you will notice a slight difference on the one I did, sorry I only had a darker linen color on hand.)
19. I have provided some glitter glue so that you can “bling” up your flowers edges… (this will have to dry)
20. I punched out blue, gold & silver metal flowers – please adhere liquid glass
21. Take a piece of white hemp – about 7” in length or so and then take your dauber and lay the string on the Key Lime ink pad and color it. (clean off dauber in the dbl. scrubber when finished) - let string dry.
22. Cut a 7x9 photo mat – (my color was Key Lime)
23. sand the mats and then corner round
24. Then take the flourish stamp and stamp away, practice your doodling as well. You can see that I stamped the keylime and then took the yellow cs and stamped as well, gives some definition.
25. Pretend sewing – using ruler go down the edge of the yellow cs and dot with marker and then join like a thread
26. Adhere yellow cs to keylime cs – flip over and then take the 2 x 7.5” B&T from step 6, flip it over so we have the pink side and adhere to keylime cs.
27. Take a 6.5 x 5.5 piece of Amethyst paper – distress and round the corners & then mark along the bottom at 1.5, 3.5 & 5.5 – this is where you will place the brads
28. Flip over this piece of paper and at the very top, you will adhere magnets on the back using the mini glue dots
(This will make your canvas interchangeable; you can constantly add new pictures and matting – SURPRISE!!!)
29. Flip over your canvas and the magnets will just “Magnetize” thru the canvas - VOILA
30. You will have leftover CS – you can take 3x3 pieces and distress with sanding and ink edges & then corner round, you can use one magnet per 3x3.
31. [check with Linda for instructions on making the dragonfly...]
32. I have also provided 1 Connection Club reward flowers – take one rhinestone flower, a metal flower and adhere to the polka dot ribbon. Also adhere your hemp and canvas flower on B&T as well.
33. You will need 18 inches of white organza – tie to photo hanger
34. I had a little leftover piece so I tied it around my “O”
35. To curl the ends of the ribbon giving it a great look, take your embossing gun and heat the ends – be careful not to melt them – you will see the ribbon curl.

Voila – you have a finished piece of art!

So there ya go! As I said, if you give this a try (whether with these specific products or an idea of your own), send me the photo and I'll post it here!

Linda, again, thanks so much! I'm going to give this a try very soon!

So I've already pre-ordered the stuff I wanted from the SU Fall/Winter 2007 Preview Brochure, and the two hostess sets I wanted. GAAAAAA! I only ordered two stamp sets, but I also ordered the Punch Box set (adorably cute), which was nearly $50, and no discount on it, so that knocked me out financially to start with. (For those of you who are not yet SU demos and are thinking about it ... check out this perk -- we get 20% off all stamp sets in the brochure -- excluding the punch box one -- ON TOP OF our regular 20% demonstrator discount! Is that awesome!!??!!) Wonder if I should start selling some of our lesser used furniture ...

As I type, Team NZ and Luna Rossa are going at it. It's been going on now for about 1-1/2 hours, so should be over soon. It's been back and forth, but at the moment the Kiwis are ahead by 100 meters, and they're on the final leg to the finish line, so they'd better keep that lead!!!

Off to photograph LOs and finish others and maybe even play with some cards today! I've been downloading some great projects lately, and can't wait to have some serious stamping time to try them out.