Monday, June 11, 2007

Awesomeness!! I am a WINNER!! **Updated with project pics**

**For anyone who's already read today's entry, I've updated it this evening with some card project pictures, so skip down to the bottom if you're one of those folks**

I am so PSYCHED! Awhile back I received an e-mail from The Stampsmith ( and they were having a raffle to raise money for the owner's Little League team to go to compete at Cooperstown. The prize was four full sheets of rubber stamps -- and the winner got to choose which sets they wanted. I bought two "tickets" -- and I WON!! I am FLOORED!! I never win anything like this! And I LOVE their sets, so it was a tough choice!

They honestly have the coolest sets -- a bunch of them are photo stamps from "times past" -- the 20s, late Victorian/Edwardian, and some that are more recent (like, from the 50s). They have sets of photo stamps of famous movie stars of the past, too. And they have other really eclectic things -- cigar labels, fruit crate labels, "Australiana", stamp images taken from drawings/paintings (i.e., there's a set I have of "Shakespeare Heroines" that looks like drawings of actresses -- or maybe just what the artist thought they would look like), a couple of quotes pages (Shakespeare, and then some just "random" sayings) ... honestly, y'all all need to go over there and check them out. And, no, I am NOT plugging them at the owner's request. I just really think they have awesome stuff. And the owner -- Estelle Lander Smith -- is just the nicest person. We've had several very pleasant e-mail exchanges.

Anyway, I am just so dadgum excited about this!! With as many awesome stamps as I'll have, I'll be stamping into my 90s!!

Otherwise -- I've had ANOTHER migraine today, but fortunately this time the meds beat it back down. I'm fairly loopy at the moment, though! And I've got a class to prepare for this weekend, plus THREE DIFFERENT swaps I signed up for (what was I thinking?) for a total of 57 cards, and they're due the 22nd, 26th and 27th! And, of course, I am completely at a loss for inspiration about them. Guess I need to be surfing Splitcoast -- but I don't want to CASE or even "cardlift" -- I want to be original. Well, we'll see. Sometimes you're original, sometimes you just need to get the job done!

Well, dinner awaits. I'm making pre-fabbed Cordon Bleu (i.e., somebody else made it and cooked it, and I'm heating it in the oven!), with microwaved frozen veggies. Yes, indeed, folks, I am a gourmet cook extraordinaire! (At least I feel up to "cooking" tonight! Wasn't sure when that migraine was laying me low.) Oh, well, at least it's Aidan's favorite meal!

The oven and microwave await ...

I had some time to play in the loft tonight, and since my migraine was better, decided I'd do just that! Some of the cards I'm going to post I had already done (well, the Accordion Pop Up card -- I think that's what it's called -- it's a technique from SCS -- I did this morning before the migraine, and I'd started work on the Venetian Blind one before then, too.) These are "practice projects" for my class on Saturday night. I haven't decided between the Accordion Pop Up and a regular Pop Up card ... probably do the regular, in the interest of saving time. And I'll do a shaker card, too, but I don't have any foam tape at the moment.

So here they are -- if you'd like to see the images larger, just click on them. All images are copyright Stampin' Up!, since they're practice for my class:

1) The Accordion Pop Up card -- this one was actually super easy, but it turned out a bit bulky ... don't know if that's my fault or the way the technique just is. Here's the link to the tutorial, if you want to know how to do it. (Just click on the word "tutorial", it should take you there.)

(Let me say right now that I have no idea why these pictures aren't lining up the way I told blogger to do them ... life is so hard for the bloggerly challenged!)

Now for the Venetian Blind card. I really love this technique -- but it is a little "patience challenging" to thread the ribbon all those times! This is a Technique Junkies tech, so I can't tell you how to do it, but if you go over to, you can subscribe to the newsletter and get this and tons of other great techniques both delivered to your doorstep AND online!

And here we have the "regular" pop-up type card. I was mildly inspired with the front of it, but by the time I got to the inside I kinda wimped out. What it really needs is a tropical diorama back there, but I don't have the stamps for that, and I was beginning to wear out. Again, I got this from Technique Junkies, but it's a fairly common technique, so you should be able to google "pop up card tutorial" and find out how to do it:

And last, but definitely not least, is a "Flap Fold" card -- also a TJ technique. The hardest part for me was choosing the colors and trying to visualize how they would work together. So the color combo for this is kinda ... different (it's SU's new 2008 "In Color" colors -- Wild Wasabi and Groovy Guava -- with good ol' Blush Blossom thrown into the mix. The stamp set is one of the new Level 2 Hostess sets that hostesses will be able to earn once the new catalog comes out (on July 1!!!):

The card isn't really this warped ... I just decided to photograph it instead of scanning (to keep the glitter off my scanner!), and I never have luck getting photos of square/rectangular things to come out nice and straight!

Oh, BTW, I got a look at a few more of the goodies coming out in the new Fall/Winter 2007 Catalog, and I am starting to get excited!! Cool stamp sets, fabric flowers (YES!!), half-pearl brads, double-stitched ribbon in the new In Color colors ... it's gonna be good, folks! Start saving your money -- July will be here before you know it!

Okay, off to bed -- hope you enjoyed looking at the pics. PLEASE leave a comment if you stuck with me all the way through this rather lengthy blog entry and enjoyed the pictures.


Unknown said...

Like all your cards, but especially the flap fold. The new colors are terrific. The accordian card looks like it really could be a challenge, at least for me!

Ginni Selby

Allie Gower said...

I love your cards! Thanks for the GREAT pics of the flap fold. I had seen so many and didn't quite "get" it, and now I really do.

Congratulations on your WIN as well! Keep up the scrappin' good work!


Linda:) said...

I really like the flap fold card, but that Venetian blind one was pretty great, too. How interesting! you do some great work.

wwilloww said...

Thanks so much for sharing Stacy!!! And CONGRATS on your that is a windfall!! I want to see what you do with the stamps you chose!! Your artwork from last night is awesome!!! I especially love the flap card...I think the colors are great together!!! Thanks for directing me to your blog!!! I really enjoyed the trip!! Willow

Lynn said...

Love the flap fold card. I can't wait to get the new colors. I am waiting on my cousin to get her retiring list together to add to my demo pre-order. I wish she'd hurry up - Wild Wasabi is calling me...

Stacy said...

Hey, thanks everyone for your comments! See, I knew begging would work! lol

So, after all that work ... I ended up cancelling the class! I had one attendee, and when I asked her if she still wanted to come, she said, "Well, it's more fun if there are several people ..." so I let her off the hook. Oh, well, at least I learned some cool new techniques myself! (I hadn't done any of those before yesterday.)

Anyway -- thanks for looking and for stopping by to comment!