Sunday, June 24, 2007

Better Day for Team New Zealand ... and a card pic

Whew!! Good news today on the America's Cup front ... Team New Zealand BEAT Alinghi! They actually came from behind to do it, and did it not by being faster, but by being SMARTER! Alinghi failed to tack closely enough to put TNZ in their "wind shadow" (i.e., that would take away some of TNZ's wind), and then TNZ, knowing that the wind tends to shift on this course late in the afternoon (when they were sailing) managed to take advantage of a shift that came at just the right time, just seconds after Alinghi's less-than-brilliant tack. And then TNZ just held on to their lead like bulldogs and pulled it out with, I believe, a 28-second lead ("delta") at the finish line. GO KIWIS!!! Proud of you, blokes. Now just keep it up!

This was actually a pretty rare thing in America's Cup sailing, to come from behind like this, so I think it proves the Kiwis are determined not to let Alinghi just run right over them the way they did four years ago. The tactician for Alinghi was recorded screaming the "F" word at the spectator boats several times today during the race. It's understandable that the teams were frustrated by the way the spectators were just all over the place, and their boats' wakes were causing problems for the teams, but I just find that reprehensible and tasteless, not to mention rude. Even if the Kiwis had done that, I would say the same thing. I totally lost all respect for the man when I heard about that. He knew he was miked, too, and he said he didn't care, that he was hoping it would be heard and someone would do something about the spectator boats, but that was just beyond "low class" to me. No excuse for that. Kiwis -- at least on Team New Zealand -- now, they have class.

So, anyway, I'm happy now, at least until the next race on Tuesday!

I have had some good playtime in the loft the last couple of days. I finished my "Reading" layout -- changed the title a bit, but it's the same idea. I was going to photograph it when I finished, but Bjorn and Aidan had gone out to the boat, and Bjorn took the camera with him, so I couldn't do it (I prefer photographing the LOs in daylight instead of indoors). I also did some "Reverse Prints" playing -- took some plant leaves out and laid them on watercolor paper, then spritzed with color wash sprays. I got a few good ones. Biggest problem was the color washes pooling up in places and just not looking "spritzed". I did this outside to avoid the overspray problem, and the wind was blowing, so that might have been part of the problem. Anyway, then I pulled out the "Cling and Scrunch" backgrounds I had made a couple of weeks ago and made a card with one of them (well, 3 cards, same background, same design). So here is the card I made. I used the new "Baroque Motifs" set from SU's upcoming Fall/Winter 2007 Collection catalog, and I embossed it with Ranger Distress Embossing Powder. The technique (Cling & Scrunch) is from Technique Junkies:

o ... back tomorrow (I hope) with a pic of the "Reading" layout, and hopefully on to more loftiness! :-)

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