Monday, June 18, 2007

Card Recipe -- Paisley Pearl Petals

Okay, I totally made up that name, but I had to call it something! This is a card that "came to me in a vision" when I woke up from a nap yesterday. (Yes, I'm serious -- I woke up and there it was in my head.) I played with it last night, and got this, but it was really a pain to do, and I didn't like that I had to use a craft knife to get the recessed petals. It's ultra-thick, too, with so many layers of CS. But it is kinda cool, in an Aztec sort of way:

I'm not incredibly good at "visualizing" how a completely made-up-by-me card is going to look the first time around, so the Aztec one was the "first draft", so to speak.

But this morning I was determined to give it a second try, so here it is, and may I say that I definitely like this one better! However, I HATE cutting things freehand. I really wish someone would magically come up with a punch or Cuttlebug die that would cut these out for me!

So here is the recipe for Paisley Pearl Petals:

Supplies (all Stampin' Up! except the circle cutter):

Paisley background stamp
Versamark ink pad
Pearl Ex (Super Copper, Misty Lavender, Interference Violet, Blue/Green Combo)
Stippling brushes (or any stiff, round brush, approx 1/2" diameter)
Swiffer cloth
Hairspray or other fixative
Elegant Eggplant cardstock -- 8-1/2" x 5-1/2", folded in half to 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" (A2 size)
Basic Black cardstock
Brushed Copper Metallic cardstock
Circle cutter
Adhesive of choice

1. Stamp the Elegant Eggplant card base with the Paisley background stamp using Versamark ink. Set aside.

2. Stamp the Paisley background stamp in Versamark on the Basic Black cardstock twice (two separate images).

3. Using the stiff stipple brushes, brush the Pearl Ex powders in the order given onto the Versamarked Paisley images on the Basic Black cardstock. I did mine on a diagonal, a bit like a straight rainbow.

4. Using the Swiffer cloth, wipe off excess Pearl Ex. At this point I also highly recommend Swiffering your work surface AND the back of your Pearl Ex'ed cardstock!

5. Seal the Pearl Ex'ed images with the hairspray or other fixative. Let dry. (Hairspray only takes about a minute before you can handle it.)

6. Using a circle cutter, cut a 3-1/2" circle out of one of the Pearl Ex Paisley panels. Cut the circle into eight equal pie pieces.

7. Round the tops of the pie pieces. (I tried using a corner rounder on a sample pie piece and it came out perfect when I clipped the corners once, then did it again. However, I never could get another perfect petal, so I just used the sample piece as a template to cut the corners on the paisley pie pieces.)

8. Mat the best six of the pie pieces on Brushed Copper cardstock. Cut a 3" cirlce from Basic Black cardstock. Mount the petals to the black circle so that the edges of the petals are touching. They should look like the NBC peacock. Trim around the outside edges so that the black cardstock is matting the "peacock". Set aside.

9. Cut out two 2-1/2" long petals from the Pearl Ex'ed paisley. (I downloaded a template for a fan "petal" from Mirkwood Designs -- click on the name and it will take you right there -- and I resized it in Microsoft Word.)

10. Cut out a 3-1/4" petal from the Pearl Ex'ed paisley. Mat this and the 2-1/2" petals on Brushed Copper and then again on Basic Black. (This was the part I hated, having to cut all this stuff freehand!)

11. Using the circle cutter, cut a 3-3/4" circle from the Brushed Copper cardstock. Then cut a 4" circle from Basic Black.

12. Mat the Brushed Copper circle on the Basic Black -- I did mine assymetrically, layering the bottom of the circles at about 1/16". Adhere the circles to the Elegant Eggplant card base, approximately 1/8" from the top.

13. Determine the center of the matted circles. Mount the 2-1/2" petals so that the top center of each is approximately 1/2" down from center, and 5/7" from the outside of the circle (the black part). Angle the bottom outside edges of the petals so that they are close to the edge of the card base. (These measures are approximate. I eyeballed mine.)

14. Mount the "peacock" onto the Copper and Black circle. Make sure the point where the petals meet on the "peacock" is at the center of the circle. The outer edges of the petals will overlap the edges of the circle.

15. Mount the large petal to the front middle of the card, making sure the top is centered on the "peacock circle".

16. Cut two triangles from the corner edges of the Pearl Ex Paisley scrap piece (the one left over from cutting the circle is what I used). Round the bottoms of the pieces (I used a 3" circle punch -- non SU.) Mount them in the upper right and left corners of the card.

17. Pat yourself on the back and go eat some chocolate for having gotten through this without throwing something through the window, or kicking the cat!

I'm thinking about submitting this to one of the Rubber Stamping magazines, but I really hate the thought of having to SEND IT IN!! I really should do a "more perfect" one to submit -- my hands were shaky this morning (it's the medications ;-) ), so I didn't do the hottest job on cutting!

Okay -- you deserve a chocolate fish if you've read through this all the way to the end! (I think that's a New Zealand saying -- it was in the book "Sisterchicks Down Under", anyway). If you want a chocolate fish (they're marshmallow inside), contact your nearest friendly Kiwi and find out how to get one!

I don't think I'll win any prizes for "effecient card recipe writer", but I hope these instructions make sense! Good luck if you try it!


Diane said...

Beautiful Card Stacy!! From one of your SU Friends

TotallyAddinktive said...

Stace what a awesome card!!! Shame I dont have that paisley bg and we dont have the pearlex powders here either (well not in the SU cattie!) Leonie xx

Princess Matilda said...

I saw this on the TJ list, I think (sorry, bad memory!!). What a beautiful card. I love the Aztec look, but the fact that you made such an amazing and balanced card that is so unique, WOW!

Lynn Mercurio said...

Great card Stacy...very original and I love geometric designs and your pearl ex technique really sets off your card. Fablous creativity. I have gotten ideas for cards upon waking up. I think it is a time when our mind is at its most highest restrictions, no distractions, only pure creativity. Nicely done!

Betty O said...


Gorgeous cards -- both of them. You are quite talented.

Betty O