Saturday, June 02, 2007

FINALLY! A LO pic or two!

First, let me just get this out of the way: Team New Zealand has won the first two races of the Louis Vuitton Cup finals!! WoooooooHooooooo! Of course, I'm not relaxing yet -- as they say all the time in yachting, "Anything can happen." But at least they're not giving me an ulcer to start with! Go Kiwis!!!

Second, I have PMS from h*ll. I have not been a nice person to be around the last couple of days, and let me just add this: Technology and PMS do NOT mix. Trust me on this. Or ask my husband (and pray for him, since he's married to me!)

Third, I have ALMOST finished my Aidan's First Six Months scrapbook! Yaaaaaaaaay! I thought I HAD finished, but then I remembered that I still had to finish the journaling on one page, and I hadn't actually written out his birth story, so I guess that might be important, huh?

But I do have some photos to show you! I will apologize in advance because they're not the best quality in the world. I guess I need to take the LO pages outside tomorrow and photograph them in diffused sunlight to get better images. Indoors at night -- not good.

Anywho, here they are:

My in-laws, who aren't really church-goers, still wanted us to have Aidan "baptized" in the Lutheran Church, which is the state church of Norway. (I prefer the word "Christened", since my belief is that true baptism happens after a person accepts Christ as Savior, and then is baptized in obedience to Him and to make their faith public.) So we had him Christened at King of Glory Lutheran Church in Tempe. It was a really beautiful ceremony, testifying that we agreed to raise Aidan with Christian principles (a big thing for Bjorn since he wasn't a believer at the time).

I sang a song for Aidan during the ceremony. It was one I had listened to quite a bit on an album by Debby Boone (yes, THAT Debby Boone, and let me just say that it was a great album!) years before, and it was just perfect for this occasion. (I think if you click on the picture, it will bring it up larger and you can make out the words.)

This was our Lamaze Class reunion. This really shows the "retro" style I was trying to stick with throughout this album.

The Baby Dedication page didn't photograph well, so I'll post it when I get a better photo.

I got my June/July "Technique Junkies" newsletter in the mail today, so I hope I get some time to play soon!

Okay, Aidan wants to go to bed, so I'd better get this posted and get up there to tell him goodnight. Ugh. I need to just go to bed until I get this PMS over with, but I have to sing in church tomorrow, and then I have the Jury Duty Thing on Monday. Grrrrrrr.

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