Sunday, June 03, 2007

Kiwis win again! And I have cards to show off!

The Kiwis absolutely blew past Luna Rossa today to win their third race in the Finals by a very comfortable margin (200 meters or so, I think). That's three down, just two more to go to win the Louis Vuitton Cup and advance to the Americas Cup to race against Alinghi to bring the cup home to Auckland. I'm not going to relax here, though. As I've said before, anything can happen, and I doubt Luna Rossa is going to take this lying down, so the blokes had better stay on track. I read in the New Zealand Herald today that the philosophy of the team is "steady as she goes" -- i.e., they're going to keep their emotions in check and just stick to the task at hand, one day, one race at a time. Good onya, mates. Just make sure that translates into two more wins, and then complete and utter destruction of Alinghi's hopes!

Okay, back to stamping. The PMS from you-know-where continues today, but that actually was good for my creativity. Partly because no one wanted to be around me, so I just isolated myself in my craft loft and set to work. I couldn't wait to get my hands on some of the new Technique Junkies techniques, so I started with the first one, Faux Flocking. It's a really cool little technique involving Vanilla Craft ink and some randomly sprinkled embossing powder. Oh, and a crimper (don't get me started on crimpers -- we do NOT have a good working relationship. Crooked every stinkin' time, but at least three out of the four panels I made turned out acceptable). I love the way this technique really lends itself to Victorian-themed cards. So here it is -- stamps are Stampin' Up! and Oxford Impressions:

The other card I made was one I had actually started a couple of nights ago, but didn't get very far on. I was trying out making a flower frame with my SU slit punch (I thought I had the tutorial on hand, but can't seem to find it. When I do I'll post it here -- it's on someone else's blog.) I didn't have the greatest success getting the petals to come out even, and almost threw this out, but since I wanted to play with the CTMH butterflies I'd gotten from Christi Milliken, I decided to cut the butterflies out, make them 3-D and then conveniently stick one where its "tail" would cover up the gap between the last petal and the first. And then I fell in love with the way the butterflies looked 3-D'ed like that, and next thing I knew, I had a card I really liked! Also, the background behind the frame and beneath it is another TJ technique called "Ragging" that I did awhile back and hadn't yet found a worthy use for. So here it is:

So, finally, I'm somewhat back in the saddle!

WOW -- looks like we are about to get a WHOPPER of a thunderstorm. Our NOAA Weather/All Hazards radio just keeps going off with alerts -- watches, flood warnings, thunderstorm warnings. So maybe I'd better get ready to shut this thing down if the lightning gets too bad. (I'll bet my Max kitty is already under the bed!)


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I'm going to leave a comment because no one else has, and it's my blog and I can do what I want to! Mwuhhahahahaha!


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Stacy....well, dang, I;ve finally signed up ...whole bunch of stuff to fill out..just so I can tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog for months. keep on woth the good work..
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