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More information from Linda ...

Okay, it's still morning (9:30 here), so I haven't had a chance to photograph my LO -- I WILL DO IT! I promise! In just moments! (Well, or so ...)

In the meantime, Linda has looked at my entry for yesterday (at my request) and has given me a bit more information about the photos, so here's what she said:

"The LOVE canvas is different than the one with my girls picture on it. These are 2 different canvases ... the other canvas (LOVE) doesn’t have a picture with the completed pictures on it, b/c I put all the pictures on it and then mailed it off to get it to this workshop I created it for...

Also the LOVE one is just with adhesive adhered and the bigger one with the girls is a 16 x 20 canvas and the papers are modge podged on. The flower etc is hand cut out of the base paper and then I layered it on just like Paper Toille – so really combined a couple of loves. Yes, before you ask, the ribbon is also modged podged on as well..."

And now, even better, are her step-by-step instructions! (Linda, you're a sweetie to share this!!) This is for the LOVE canvas:

Linda’s Leading Ladies - Altered Canvas (products are CTMH unless otherwise noted)

o White Daisy Stamp Pad
o White Daisy Ink Pen
o Spring Harmony Inks, Markers (Amethyst, Baby Pink, Heavenly Blue, Key Lime, Sunkiss Yellow, Taffy)
o Corner rounder
o Double Scrubber & Spritzer
o Sponge Dauber
o Acrylic Blocks (2x3.5, 4x4, 4.5 x 6.5) –
o Ruler
o Paper cutter
o Embossing gun (for the ribbon ends)
o Adhesive
o Scissors

Canvas – purchased @ $ store
Spring Harmony Cardstock -
One 12x12 B&T – Sweet Harmony – flowered print
One 12x12 B&T – Sweet Harmony – Diamond Patterned
White daisy Grosgrain Ribbon – approx 48” to go around canvas
White daisy Organza Ribbon – 18”
Pop dots/foam dots
Liquid glass
Photo Hangers –
Blush polka dot ribbon – 10”
Gold brads – 3
Stickstock Linen -
White hemp
Amethyst Ink Pad
Rustic Alphabet–
Playful Flourishes -
Friendship Flowers –

- Glitter on flowers –
- Metal Flowers – I punched out some in gold, silver & blue
- sanding block to use to distress your CS
- sponge paint brushes as well
- Mini Glue dots
- Dragonfly instructions, beads, wire
- Rhinestone Connection Club rewards -
- Brushes and paint for canvas
- Magnets

To Do:
1. Paint canvas
2. While canvas is drying, take Rustic Alphabet stamp and stamp LOVE in white (different CS for each letter)
3. cut out each letter
4. Using “Harmony” colors, ink the edges of your cut-out letters to give a distressed effect. You can drag the letters in the stamp pad or run the edge of your marker along the edge of the letter.
5. Cut your Flowered B&T into 10x 10 (keep the extra) – you may want to cut out flower and paper piece later
6. Cut your Diamond B&T into 5x10 (you will need a piece of this 2” wide by 7.5” Long)
7. Cut Sunkiss Yellow CS – one strip that is 2.5” high x 6” long
8. Also cut a 6x8 piece to be used a little further down for photo mat
9. Canvas should now be dry.
10. Adhere white grosgrain ribbon around outside edge of canvas
11. Then turn your canvas over and put Photo Hangers into back of canvas (I just pushed mine through)
12. On your Yellow strip of CS you just cut, please stamp some doodling, flowers, etc onto this.
13. distress your edges of the yellow cs and then corner round
14. Take your “LOVE” letters and use pop dots – this will give dimension. Adhere the letters to yellow CS
15. Adhere your B&T pages onto the canvas using your adhesive
16. where the seam of the papers meet – take your Polka Dot Ribbon (10”) and adhere to the paper
17. Take a Flower Stamp and ink it in Amethyst and then stamp on Linen
18. Cut out your flower (you will notice a slight difference on the one I did, sorry I only had a darker linen color on hand.)
19. I have provided some glitter glue so that you can “bling” up your flowers edges… (this will have to dry)
20. I punched out blue, gold & silver metal flowers – please adhere liquid glass
21. Take a piece of white hemp – about 7” in length or so and then take your dauber and lay the string on the Key Lime ink pad and color it. (clean off dauber in the dbl. scrubber when finished) - let string dry.
22. Cut a 7x9 photo mat – (my color was Key Lime)
23. sand the mats and then corner round
24. Then take the flourish stamp and stamp away, practice your doodling as well. You can see that I stamped the keylime and then took the yellow cs and stamped as well, gives some definition.
25. Pretend sewing – using ruler go down the edge of the yellow cs and dot with marker and then join like a thread
26. Adhere yellow cs to keylime cs – flip over and then take the 2 x 7.5” B&T from step 6, flip it over so we have the pink side and adhere to keylime cs.
27. Take a 6.5 x 5.5 piece of Amethyst paper – distress and round the corners & then mark along the bottom at 1.5, 3.5 & 5.5 – this is where you will place the brads
28. Flip over this piece of paper and at the very top, you will adhere magnets on the back using the mini glue dots
(This will make your canvas interchangeable; you can constantly add new pictures and matting – SURPRISE!!!)
29. Flip over your canvas and the magnets will just “Magnetize” thru the canvas - VOILA
30. You will have leftover CS – you can take 3x3 pieces and distress with sanding and ink edges & then corner round, you can use one magnet per 3x3.
31. [check with Linda for instructions on making the dragonfly...]
32. I have also provided 1 Connection Club reward flowers – take one rhinestone flower, a metal flower and adhere to the polka dot ribbon. Also adhere your hemp and canvas flower on B&T as well.
33. You will need 18 inches of white organza – tie to photo hanger
34. I had a little leftover piece so I tied it around my “O”
35. To curl the ends of the ribbon giving it a great look, take your embossing gun and heat the ends – be careful not to melt them – you will see the ribbon curl.

Voila – you have a finished piece of art!

So there ya go! As I said, if you give this a try (whether with these specific products or an idea of your own), send me the photo and I'll post it here!

Linda, again, thanks so much! I'm going to give this a try very soon!

So I've already pre-ordered the stuff I wanted from the SU Fall/Winter 2007 Preview Brochure, and the two hostess sets I wanted. GAAAAAA! I only ordered two stamp sets, but I also ordered the Punch Box set (adorably cute), which was nearly $50, and no discount on it, so that knocked me out financially to start with. (For those of you who are not yet SU demos and are thinking about it ... check out this perk -- we get 20% off all stamp sets in the brochure -- excluding the punch box one -- ON TOP OF our regular 20% demonstrator discount! Is that awesome!!??!!) Wonder if I should start selling some of our lesser used furniture ...

As I type, Team NZ and Luna Rossa are going at it. It's been going on now for about 1-1/2 hours, so should be over soon. It's been back and forth, but at the moment the Kiwis are ahead by 100 meters, and they're on the final leg to the finish line, so they'd better keep that lead!!!

Off to photograph LOs and finish others and maybe even play with some cards today! I've been downloading some great projects lately, and can't wait to have some serious stamping time to try them out.

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