Saturday, June 09, 2007

More LO pics ...

Well, today I finally got around to going outside and photographing the LOs in my FINALLY FINISHED (mostly) Aidan's First Six Months album. The photos of the LOs are at least in focus and not grainy, but they still have that slightly warped look that I can't seem to overcome when photographing something that's supposed to be flat and straight.

SO ...

I decided not to care. After all, they're just meant to be "backups" in case, God forbid, something should ever happen to the original album. And, yes, I'll also post a few here and there, but I figure y'all can be forgiving -- as long as you keep in mind that the original LO pages are NOT warped, curved or weird in any way!

Here are a couple I'll share with you today. If you click on the pictures, it will bring them up larger so you can see more detail.

First, the "Aidan and Mom" page (one of my favorites, of course!)

And here is the page about Aidan and his cousins, which really showcases the Retro look I was going for in this album:

The big sign in the middle with the word "Cousins" on it is paper piecing -- I found an image online of an old sign from the early 60s, put it into Photoshop Elements and just traced out the basic lines of it. Then I made a template of it, and cut the various pieces to make the sign.

It's been fun to do the retro look, but I think, in future, I won't try to stick with one style like that for a whole album. Some days it was just really hard to get into the "look", and I wished I could just do whatever came to mind instead of trying to make everything fit. And in all honesty, there were a few pages where I said, "Oh, who cares?" and did what I wanted to ... but mostly I did try to stick with the theme.

I realized after finishing this that I didn't have good pages about Aidan's other grandparents (Bjorn's folks), and I felt really bad about it! But the truth is, my folks were around him a lot more those first six months (my mom spent six weeks with us after he was born, my dad was here for two weeks of that, and we went out to their place for Thanksgiving. By contrast, we were only around Bjorn's family at Christmas (not their fault, it was just how things worked out). So I'll make special pages for them in our "People We Love" album. We do love them!

Okay, off to make pre-fabbed Cheese Enchiladas (convenience food is so ... convenient! But I think I'm losing my ability to cook from scratch!) Yum!

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