Wednesday, June 20, 2007

(Re)Tiring Accessories

This has been a long day! The Retiring Accessories list came out this morning, and there has been the usual chaos, confusion and consternation all over the SU world (well, in the US, anyway). I think part of the problem has been that there are things that aren’t “retiring”, but will be repackaged or reconfigured in some way, and that has people freaking out because we aren’t sure HOW they’ll be changed, or in WHAT way. I love SU, but I really wish they would be a little more clear in their explanations of these things … or at least let us demos have our catalogs BEFORE they come out with the retiring lists, so we’d know how to explain things to our customers!

But, now, how about a little cheese with that whine? (Sorry, Leonie, I know I’ve already used that line on you once today! lol)

Anyhow, contact me if you want to see the list. And this is a “limited supply, once they’re gone, they’re gone” sort of deal, so if you’re one of my customers and want to grab something before it’s gone, please do it fast!!

This has been another headache day. I think it’s because I spent several hours slaving over a 25 card-front swap yesterday and this morning, and it aggravated that neck-nerve issue I have. So I managed to finish the swap, get it out in the mail along with another one I had already finished, and also mail two catalogs to new customers! Then I went home, took a Neurontin and crashed into the bed. And I’m “fixin’” to go take another one. I’m thinking a nerve block sounds good at this point.

I want to STAMP!! I’ve got all kinds of lovely stamps upstairs waiting for me to play with them, and we got a new air conditioner today so it’s nice and cool up there … oh, well, maybe tomorrow. Aidan and I had to postpone our reading auditions for Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic today so we could be here for the A/C guys. It’s a good thing, I think. Hopefully tomorrow (when we’re rescheduled) I’ll be all better and can read coherently. Of course, no telling what the meds will do … they may mark me down as an *ahem* “Creative Reader”! lol It will be fun, though, and we can’t wait to get to do actual reading instead of just running the recording program for other readers.

Okay, brain is exploding, gotta run … but be sure you order those accessories you want before they’re gone, either from me or, if I’m not your demo, then from your own demo, okie dokie?

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