Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Seiern er vaar, Seiern er vaar ... oops, that's Norwegian

Translation: Victory is ours!! The Kiwis sewed up the Louis Vuitton Cup finals today, with a complete whitewash of Luna Rossa. The final "score" was 5-0. In all honesty, I feel a bit sorry for Luna Rossa, and wish they could have won ONE race (no more, of course), but it is what it is, and now Team New Zealand advances to the America's Cup race against the Swiss "Alinghi", who are the dirty rotten buggers who took it from them four years ago. So, c'mon Kiwis -- time to Bring It Home!!!

(this is such a cool picture!)

Now, back to our regularly scheduled stamping stuff ...

A couple of days ago I got to play in the loft again (yesterday I was knocked out with another migraine ... still have a lesser version of it today). My color theme turned out to be teal/turquoise/green (for some reason I am loving this combo lately). Very summery.

So the first one I made was using the "Acrylic Gesso Wash" technique from the new Technique Junkies newsletter (again, I urge you to rush right out to and sign up!!). The technique really only calls for one color of Sponge Daubers, but I had to go all out and use three! (I couldn't choose just one!) So, since it looked all sea-ish, I decided to use some of my Kiwi Impressionz sea-themed stamps. I stamped them in Staz-On on an acetate sheet, then "washed" over the back with Pearl White and Turquoise Lumiere. "Kia Ora" is the Maori way of saying "hello" (they're the native New Zealanders). Alpha stamps are, I think, Stampabilities Clear.

Then I used a previously-done Lumiere Cream background with the same color scheme, and decided to make a summery card with an Adirondack Chairs stamp I bought from ... I think it was River City Rubber Works, but my memory could be faulty here (the stamp is up in the craft loft and I'm too headachy to run up there to see). I do know the word stamp is Club Stamp. Anyway, I used the TJ "Ink Wash with Markers" technique on the chairs. I made two different styles of the card, so here they are:

I am SO happy to be back in that loft! It totally stunk that I couldn't do anything crafty yesterday. I did manage to finish the journaling of Aidan's birth for his 1st Six Months scrapbook, but then the headache really set in and I couldn't make the scrapbook pages for it to go on (yes, it will take 1-1/2 12x12 pages to hold this story!) My mother-in-law did get back to me on who the Christening gown originally belonged to, so now I can finish that block as well and then be DONE with it!!! Yea!!!!!!!!

When my headache is GONE and I can stand going out in the daylight, I'm going to photograph the pages (our scanner is too small to use on 12x12 -- we're talking, it's an 8-1/2 x 11 scanning bed, so stitching would be ridiculously time-consuming). I also want to photograph the scrapbook I made for my granny a couple of years ago that I have mentioned on the Stamping Scrapbookers Yahoo group I'm on. It's pictures of her and her friends as teenagers in the 1920s. She didn't want to keep them, so I scrapped them, and then she totally loved them!! So I want to do that, too, and post some of the page pictures here.

Okay! I need to go get in the shower and wash off this migraine! (I wish!)

Oh! I got my Scor-Pal in the mail today! It's like a Scor-It only it was cheaper because they were taking pre-orders. Anyway, I want to go play with it, but the head needs a little more rest. (Are you tired of me talking about my headache yet? lol)

Enjoy your day, wherever you are!

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