Friday, June 22, 2007

Someone in California got her new SU Catalog!!

And posted the scoop for us demos on Splitcoaststampers! (In the demos only forum -- sorry!)

It was a little hard to get a good picture of what will be in there, but it sounds like loads of good stuff!! She posted a list of all the sets from the past year's mini catalogs and listed what did and did not make it into the new catalog. A few of the YAY qualifiers are:

Carte Postale
Doodle This (but NOT Doodle That)
French Flair
Office Accoutrement (plus both the Spiral and Rounded Tab punches!)
Polka Dots & Paisley
Polka Dots & Petals

I am SO thrilled that those will be in the catty! They're some of my favorite sets (Okay, I haven't used Office Accoutrement all that much, but I have been wanting to), and I'm so glad I'll be able to demo them all season!!

I was bummed that Best Bar Codes didn't make the cut -- I think it's a really cute set. But they could only put in a couple from the Spring Mini, so I'm really glad they chose what they did. I was surprised that the Doodle Alphabet didn't make it, either. Since doodles are so "in", I figured it would ...

Anyway, I'm thinking, from her descriptions of things, that there is still hope for SU, and that I will like this catalog, after all!

I would have had two swap cards that I made to post here, except that I sent them off without scanning them! I have the prototypes, but they aren't as good as the final design, so ... guess I'll have to make a couple more (as if I wasn't already sick to death of them!)

Hey, don't know if you've noticed, but I've got a couple of new "features" in my sidebar. One is a link to a website where you can donate money to help fight violence against women in Africa (very important cause, IMHO). Another is a link to a terrific devotional called "Our Daily Bread". You can also subscribe to my blog over there if you want to. Check it all out!

Also, I have begun a list of some other blogs that I visit, so now you can go check them out, too! (If you have a blog and you'd like to be listed in my, um, list, then let me know!)

WELL, I know you've all been thrilled not to have to hear about the America's Cup for a couple of weeks, but all that ends tomorrow morning. The Real Deal ... the race for the cup itself ... starts up tomorrow, Emirates Team New Zealand (YAY!! Cheers!! General supportiveness!!) vs. the Swiss' Alinghi (BOOOOO! HISSSSS! General dark thoughts!) GO KIWIS!! You've gotta bring home the cup, mates. Don't let those arrogant Euro-centric Swiss get one little toenail's worth of a grip on that cup!!

One other NSR note: I went to my doc today about my headaches. She did a blood test to check for a specific hormone (can't think what it is right now, starts with a "p" and has to do with the pituitary gland). If that comes back problematic, then she'll want to run a specific MRI that looks at that problem. If it doesn't, she said she still may want to run a general MRI, just to rule out anything "of concern". She did some "mechanical" tests on me today for neurological problems, and she said I passed with flying colors, so no worries in that area. She also said I might be suffering from rebound headaches from taking too much pain med, so she wants me to lay off the pain meds if at all possible for the next two to three weeks (ACK!!). And then if nothing else, she'll put me on Topomax, which is a preventative medication that I would take every day to keep the headaches at bay. One potential side effect -- weight loss. Um, maybe I need to start this med right now! ... lol

Okay, I'm really worn, so I'm off to bed. Hopefully I can get some stampin/scrapping done this weekend, and will post here.

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