Saturday, June 16, 2007

Two for Father's Day

Well, I finally got around to realizing Father's Day is tomorrow. I mean, I knew this already (we even took Bjorn out to eat for lunch yesterday, to count for his Father's Day gift -- he doesn't want us to spend any extra money, roll eyes). But I think it took me until today to realize I needed to get on the ball and make cards for my Dad and for Bjorn. So I spent a large chunk of the day in the craft loft, making not only those two cards, but whittling away at the three swaps I’ve got to do over the course of this coming week. I “finished” one, except for the card recipe, but I’m not sure it’s really finished. I decided to let it sit for a day or so to “cook” and see if any ideas come to mind on what to add, if anything. I won’t show it here, in case anyone who’s participating in this swap chances to take a look at my blog.

I also spent part of my craft loft time (both today and last night) cutting out and mounting all the awesome stamps I got from the Stampsmith. Finally got them done, and then couldn’t resist using two of them for the Father’s Day cards. So here they are:

First one is for my dad. I used the cheerleader from the “Those Were the Days” sheet, as well as an image that I think is from Paper Candy (the clock), and the letters are SU. The technique is Modern Grid (TJ).

And the one for Bjorn – I used the Mono Mosaic technique (also TJ) on this one. The central image is from The Stampsmith’s “Thank Heaven for Little Boys” sheet; the Chess image stamp is from Above the Mark; all other images are Club Stamp. I decided to break from the “mono” part a little to make the card base Tempting Turquoise so that it wouldn’t just die of brown-ness. That’s why I added the buttons, too.

Other than that, not much going on. Well, I’ve been writing a lot, which is why I haven’t been in the craft loft as much as some days. But now that I’ve got all these awesome Stampsmith stamps to play with, that may change a bit!

On a non-stamping/scrapping note, it was sad to hear of the passing of Ruth Bell Graham, Billy Graham’s wife. Of course, she’s finally “graduated”, as my pastor would say, and she’s definitely having an awesome “welcome home” party up there, no doubt! But she was such an icon, especially in my family. My mom used to read to us from her Family Christmas book when we were kids, and she’s always just kind-of held a special place in my heart. So I know the world will miss her, not to mention her family. I sure hope (selfishly) that we get to keep Billy around awhile longer. He has always been such a breath of fresh air in the “TV Evangelist” realm – no begging for money, no self-promotion, no dramatic “I need your money now or God’s going to call me home” ridiculousness. Billy Graham has just always “preached Christ, and Him crucified,” as the Apostle Paul said. He stands firm in his faith, but he blessedly doesn’t make a circus out of it. Thanks so much, God, for Billy and what he’s done for so many millions of people in his lifetime, pointing them to You!

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