Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Well, I spent hours in the craft loft today and this evening and have absolutely nothing to show for it. Well, that's not true ... I have mediocre cards to show for it, and I'm just not okay with "mediocre". So I wasted all that time, effort and all those supplies for not much of anything. Bleah. I hate days like that!!

And no catalog today ... according to the tracking (which isn't "normal" tracking, since we're having to track by a different method than usual for the catalogs), my box won't arrive until Friday. But I ordered two boxes, one of which was shipped, supposedly, two days after the other, and I still just show one box coming on Friday. Don't know what's up with that.

And Alinghi beat Team New Zealand in the fourth race today.

I think I need a hug!

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