Monday, July 16, 2007

Hug Fest

Well, I had some major scrapping time in the loft yesterday. Took me about five hours to do this layout, so I hope my family will appreciate it! lol The main reason it took so long was that I was using a sketch that had no dimensions written in, so I had to figure everything out using math. “Using math” is the key here. I’m a creative person, not a math person. My poor husband was trying to help me, but it was fairly hopeless. In the end I decided to “guesstimate” the sizes, and did a pretty good job that way! If I’d just done that to start with I could’ve saved myself all kinds of time!

The other reason it took so long was that I was trying to fit 22 pictures onto two pages. The sketch really helped, but I still ended up with several pictures left over. So I just changed a few things about the sketch here, added a few things there, and I did it! Twenty-two pictures on two pages, and it still looks organized and not terribly busy (at least in my opinion!). But the biggest issue was deciding which pictures to cut to what sizes. I ended up making a “template” of sizes (like frames) and tried the pictures out to see what worked best for each one. It was a great idea, but it did take some time to make and then to check all those pictures and cut them! But, no, I’m not interested in digital scrapping, thank you. I tried it for awhile, but I’m a paper, scissors, glue type of person. I want to cut it, feel it, hold it in my hand and manipulate things that way instead of with a mouse or a stylus. (I don’t have a Graphire tablet, BTW, so maybe that’s part of my problem, lol.) I want to feel the ribbon, use real ink with real stamps … okay, you get the point. So, yes, maybe digi-scrapping would have made this layout take MUCH less time, but I’d rather do it the “old fashioned” way.

So here it is – it’s all about hugging. As I was sorting through my photos, taking Stacy Julian’s “Library of Memories” class, I realized we had tons of photos of people hugging each other (okay, mostly people hugging Aidan, or vice versa). My family has always been a demonstrative family when it comes to showing love, so now I’ve got the proof right here in Living Color! Click on the image to see it larger (hopefully you’ll be able to read the journaling that way). I used paper by DCWV (from a pad called “Old World – something-or-other”), although the red textured paper is Unknown Manufacturer. There is some SU cardstock in there, too (the Very Vanilla and a bit of Cranberry Crisp). Stamps are River City Rubber Works (sentiments) and CTMH (little flower). Die cut letters are the Cuttlebug “Olivia” font. (Gosh, I love my Cuttlebug!). I’ve forgotten who made the paisley twill (originally put above the title to cover up a bad alpha-stamping job!) Hope you enjoy looking at it!

Got an SU new catty Open House coming up this weekend that I have to prepare for, so this will be a busy week. That’s okay, though – any excuse to stamp!!


TotallyAddinktive said...

Stacy gorgeous page ... fingers are still frozen - probably need another cuppa. Finally have my media player fixed and was actually listening to Newsboy while reading your blog ... hugs

Stacy said...

Well, now, Leonie, you've got the spirit! Listening to the Newsboys while reading my blog is the quintessential experience, now, wouldn't you say? ;-)

Michelle said...

Love this layout--your family should just love it --it's great!