Friday, July 27, 2007

Sorry for the Gap!

Well, I’ve been meaning all week to get to my blog and write about my Open House, but I have been both very tired and very busy, so I’ve just slacked off. Deepest apologies!

I think the Open House went very well, at least as far as the “fun factor”. We did three of the four make-n-takes (had to leave out the Garden Whimsy one due to time constraints), and everyone seemed to really have fun, although I really hope I didn’t overwhelm our “stamping newbie” who was there. She did well on the projects, so I’m hoping that was a good sign. She claimed she wasn’t overwhelmed, but you never know. It was pretty intense. I spread the dining table with a bunch of goodies from the new catty and let everyone oooh and aaah over them, pick them up, touch them, get a feel for them. Then we got into the MNTs. General fun, socializing, laughter, good time. Sales weren’t high, which was disappointing, but I’m hoping that at least everyone got charged up about the new catty and that sales will trickle in over time. Yes, I’ve done some follow up, so we’ll just see how that goes.

On Monday I went to my neurologist and got very good news. I don’t show any signs of MS, the spots on my brain are “ageing” due to the migraines. So she put me on Topomax to try to prevent migraines (the “good” side effect of this stuff is that lots of people lose weight on it – sure hope I’m one!). I’m also going this coming Monday to a pain management doctor to get steroid shots in the back of my head to control the “neuralgia” (irritated-nerve-induced) headaches I also get. So hopefully I’ll be getting these things under control now! I had a nasty neuralgia headache yesterday, so I am definitely looking forward to the shots.

I can’t wait until next Wednesday, August 1. We demos get to pre-order from the upcoming Holiday Mini catalog (available to the public on September 1), and it is FULL of awesome stamp sets, paper and other goodies. I keep thinking one of these days I will get saturated with stamp sets and not need any more, but so far that hasn’t happened. I know Bjorn is probably praying that it will! lol

So that’s the update for now. I haven’t really done much in the loft this week. I think prepping for the Open House just wiped me out, and then the Topomax may also be making me a little sleepy. I’m hoping to get some scrapping done this weekend, since I’ve got that “Summer Scrapbooking Support Group” going on the Stamping Scrapbookers Yahoo group. I really need to just get on the ball with that. So many photos, so little time spent scrapping!

I was disappointed this week to find out that the technique I had submitted to Technique Junkies and that was supposed to appear in the August newsletter was bumped. I’ve been assured it will be on the CD, though. Not quite the same, but hopefully those who get the CD will like it and will enjoy using it. I submitted another technique a couple of months ago but haven’t heard anything about that one at all. I don’t think I’ll push it. I’d be happy to post it here if I could just remember how I did it! I may have to e-mail Pat anyway and see if she can send it back to me so I’ll know what I did! (I sent her the instructions and didn’t keep a copy for myself! I have the card, but that doesn’t help much!)

Anyway, off to do whatever I’ve gotta do today. I know grocery shopping will be in there somewhere. (Yuck! I detest grocery shopping!) Think I’ll go over to my parents’ house and goof off for awhile first. Happy crafting!

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