Sunday, August 19, 2007

If headaches were hurricanes ...

This one would be a category 7.5 on the S-A scale (my maiden and married names). Scale goes to 10. It was 9 last night. I am so hating this.

But my dad LOVED the chair, my mother LOVED the chair, and my grandmother LOVED the chair, so I scored a 100%. The only thing that they might come to bloodshed over is where, exactly, the chair should be positioned. We're talking within a two-square-foot range. Good thing I bought the extra $50 Scotchguard 10-year warranty protection.

Here is the card I made for my dad. Thank God I didn't have the headache then:

Main image is from RubberStamp Ave. I used makeup sponges and dye inks for the coloring (after embossing the image with Versamark and black EP). The background image (a world map) is, I think, Sunday International.

So, you would think that spending lots of money and buying lots of stamps would make me say, "Okay, think I've got enough stuff for awhile, I can stop now," wouldn't you? Nope. Something about binging makes me want to keep going. Sometimes. Anyway, I went to Archiver's on Friday when I picked up the chair and bought the big Die Cuts With a View "Far East" 12x12 paper pad. And I keep "window shopping" online. Aidan thinks Bjorn needs to put "rubber stamp" as a forbidden phrase in our Internet protection software. He's serious. I told him I would go through horrendous withdrawal and either die or end up in a mental institution. And I'm serious.

Okay. Category 8 now, so I'd better go take another pill and rest. I just wish I knew the boundary line between "safe number of doses" and "now we'll start having rebound headache" number of doses. *SIGH*

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